Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Angry Juror!

Has anyone served for jury duty? I did. I was called for jury duty at the Daley Center on January 30. I figured it would be nice to have the day off work, sit around read a book and then collect my $17.20 check, which I don’t believe has increased since the 1970s. Well, I wasn’t lucky with one day. Fast forward 2-1/2 weeks later, and I’m finally done with the trial. We started deliberations late on Friday and finished today with a verdict. I told the other jurors that we better start compromising because I wasn’t coming back. They knew I was serious because I think steam started coming out of my ears.

First, I’d like to say that it is our civic duty to serve on a jury. If any one of us needed a trial for whatever reason, we would want twelve of our peers to decide our fate, but this is the tricky part. When I say, “twelve of our peers,” I mean peers with an average IQ; can talk without it sounding like they have a mouthful of crap; and can use common sense. I'm sure the last one is reaching, but it is an important factor. Seriously, I’m glad some of these people were on a jury with me, because IF I’m ever in need of a jury they’d be excused for conflict of interest. Anyways, it’s done and over and I’m enjoying a glass of wine. Now I can get back to my blog, writing and reading. I missed all of my readers, and all the blogs I read, and my life. I really am glad I got my life back. Cheers!


  1. Welcome back, and thanks for the Jury Duty depiction. Interesting observations, but I guess my question is, why do you suppose it was so disappointing? I agree with you in that it is our civic duty, and you got a good inside look. Maybe at least you gained some observations you can use in writing?

  2. Hey Joanne, Thanks much. I don't think it was as much disappointing as it was frustrating. Twelve people from all walks of life are put in a room and expected to make an impromptu decision that will change the course of someone's life.

    But I agree, maybe I can incorporate my observations into writing.

    I'm just glad to be back and thanks for the welcome. :)