Friday, September 18, 2009

The Perfect Day!

What does a perfect day mean to you? What needs to happen to make it a perfect day for you? This is an interesting and challenging question, because we all have different things that are important to us. To some, material things around them make for a perfect day while others prefer people. In any given point in time, your perfect day will change to fit into your present emotions and life. Therefore, if I was to describe my perfect day, right now in my life, this is what you’d hear.

“I wake to the lingering cool night air as the fragrance of brewing coffee starts rousing my spirit. Wrapped in a robe, I sit on my porch with a cup of coffee to enjoy the stillness of the early morning hours. The sun, like a nightlight, peaks from under the covers not ready to get up while I close my eyes and think of how different the world will be in an hour. Finally, the sun perks up and smiles as my Love joins me on the porch. We talk for a bit before I leave to make breakfast. By now, the birds are chirping and you can slowly hear others moving about in a new day.

It’s sunny and crisp, a perfect fall day for a new adventure. My Love and I dress and venture out into the world. We drive flip flopping silence and conversation while the scenery passes us with the scent of burning leaves. As if thinking the same thing, we look at one another as the car turns towards a quaint little town.

We hike into the hills in this town appreciating nature and the time we have together. Our hands entwine swinging back and forth while walking down a colorful path of orange, yellows and browns hearing nature’s musical choice of crackling and brushing leaves. Up on a cliff, we find a romantic restaurant furnished with soft leather chairs and a fireplace setup by the bar while the tables surrounded by cushioned love seats line the ceiling to floor windows. The view looks out onto mountains of painted foliage. We enjoy lunch and some coffee cuddling in the love seat overlooking the spectacular view. The void of stress and the freedom to do whatever leaves us content, leaning our heads together.

Our journey brings us back home, in each other’s arms, as we gather the blankets around us to warm our nakedness. The day brought us together and the evening intensifies our emotions. Every touch has meaning, and every sound expresses pleasure. For several hours, the world disappears exploring our wants. After our heat cools down, my Love leads me to the porch where he turns on the lights he hung up, and on my chair is an envelope. Inside it says,

“I love you like a summer breeze,
its soft kiss is such a tease.
I love you like a child’s first snow,
in the dark to watch it glow.
I love you like a nightingale’s wings
that open wide while it sings.
But most of all, with you I’m content
I love you for being God’s precious present.”

For the rest of the night, it is just us with no end to the night in sight. We are blessed. We are soulmates.”


  1. Just beautiful, Bea!!;Smooooch:

  2. Hi Bea,
    I think I’ll keep my perfect day to myself ;), but it would be hard to top yours. Nice article with unique descriptions of the day. They make me visualize what you saw and felt. I mean the nature parts of course :). Kudos on the poem, without doubt it’s really one of the best so far!!

  3. Hey Veejay,

    It's fine to keep your perfect day to yourself as long as you can picture your perfect day. :D It means so much to me that you could visualize my perfect day based off my descriptions. That's what I like to hear. :D And WOW! I had no idea that poem would even come close to being good.

    Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to read my works.