Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dare to Dream

Sit and listen of what I dared to dream
about a young woman caught in a scheme
of agents, publishing and fame.  She made
the story thrive in life through serenade,
submitting to travels across the land,
declined, she revised with a steady hand.
There is no rejection too much to bear
determined to publish so she could share
a story of murder and disarray,
hidden knife for her lover does betray.
She found he lied about where he had been,
but never realizing he had a twin.
It came out one night underneath the sheets
his performance was better than her Sweets.
She drilled him until he confessed the sin,
“My brother’s idea,” said with a grin.
Out came the knife, she plunged deep in his thigh
neighbors called the police after his cry.
So that’s the story for now to be said
‘Til first publication when you’ll have read.
This woman who dared to dream, had spoken,
“Follow your dreams, they won’t leave you broken.”

I hope you have a great day and week.


  1. This was great and had a nice balance of realism mixed with fiction. Nicely done Bea. This was great.

  2. Thanks, Hinny. I submitted this to some magazines, but I guess it didn't fit their style. Glad to hear you liked it. :D

  3. Really liked it, ToT! Nice job :)
    Those magazine obviously have no taste! Keep tryin'!