Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Fine Art of Christmas

Last month of the year gathers hope and love,
True meaning of Christmas symbolized by a dove
With letters and prayers that St. Nicholas appears
Decorations---shopping to bring on good cheers

Thick snowflakes start floating a few days before
Adding to the spirit when making cookies—galore
Wrapping gifts late at night to hide the surprise
For Christmas day comes—eyes wide in great size

Tree is fashioned in a heartwarming display
Table arranged for the festive holiday buffet
House filled with warmth from God’s little gifts
In pajamas, they giggle and watch snow drifts

Church bells ring the morning our Lord was born
Who would’ve thought he’d die with a halo of thorn.
It arrives—celebrating the fine art of Christmas day,
Lingering memories of a jolly old man and his sleigh


  1. nice post, tot!


  2. Thanks, cray. You're sweet to stop by and comment. Hope you and the family have a safe and wonderful holiday.