Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I am Smokin’ Not!

Every year on this day I praise myself for a job well done – One Year and Second Year. I was talking to my mother yesterday about how quickly my three smokeless years went by. Since I quit smoking, I’ve acquired a new perspective on life, my sniffer is enhanced, taste buds are partying and I traded one butt for another.

I won’t be doing much in regards to celebration—job search and revisions come first—BUTT I plan to savor another smokeless year. Who knows, maybe something spectacular will happen today. I hope this inspires someone.

Tobacco surges
Through your veins
It’s time to Commit
Let go of the reins

Such truth be told
Throughout the world
Blow away your smoke—
Gray curled and twirled

Nicotine plants
a cancer kiss
trade in this loss,
for a life to reminisce

Cheers to another smokeless day.


  1. LOVE the title! Love the poem! Sadly, I have experienced that last line with my FIL who passed away from lung cancer--"Cancer kiss" is quite startling! You don't see those two words together, like, ever, and I love how you creatively put them into your poem.

    And LOL...LOL...LOL I had the heartiest laugh about trading one butt for another! :D Touche`!

    Cheers, indeed, woman! I am SO glad you've stuck with it! Great post!

  2. I'm sorry about your FIL. It's sad to hear about these preventive losses. I put Cancer kiss in the poem because that seems to be the effect of it.

    Thank you, Miss. I am so glad I tossed my last butt 3 years ago. Appreciate your praise.