Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Diggity Dog…New Digs! ya love it? It was time for me to redecorate my blog. Like we do with homes, I knocked down a few walls and applied a new coat of paint, still keeping with the main color scheme. The left side bar has information about me and my books, and the right side bar has lists and a new thing I’d like to start—Pay It Forward.

I self-published my book and it’s difficult for self-published/indie authors to promote their books. “Pay It Forward” will help all involved. The more the word gets out, the more you profit…or at least receive comments that your book sounds interesting. It might even be added to someone’s TBR list.

Here’s how it will work…if anyone is interested. Send an email to with “Feature” in the subject line requesting to be featured on my blog and then I’ll request the following:

- Book cover (jpg)
- Author Photo (jpg-optional)
- Author Bio (no attachment- in the body of the email)
- Book Genre
- Synopsis
- Paragraph (no more than 150 words) about how you came to write the book, such as where the idea came from or why you wrote it (no attachment-in the body of the email)
- Paragraph (no more than 150 words) about why you decided to Self-Publish or about the Indie Publisher (no attachment-in the body of the email).
- Links to where the book can be purchased
- Links to author website, book trailer, etc.

After the author’s book is featured on my blog, they will be asked to feature an author on their blog with a link to my blog at the bottom of the post or write a review, and then send an email with a direct link to their blog post or review. I will then add it to the “Pay It Forward” list on the right side of my blog…And if the author wants to add the “Pay It Forward” list to their blog and continue on, I’ll send them the list links. We’ll see how this idea pans out.

I hope you enjoy the new digs and make sure to stop on by to read about some new and upcoming writers.

Redecorate and Feature,


  1. Sounds like a great idea, Denise! Hope it works out... I shall send my info - as soon as I get a spare minute.

  2. Hello Pat,

    Thanks! I've already received some great responses.

    I would love to feature you on my blog so whenever you're ready.

    Take care.

  3. Hello Denise, This sounds very cool . . . I am not a writer, but I love to read. So, I'll be checking in to see what is featured.

    You are a total sweetheart . . . but you probably hear that all the time. Thank you for the very sweet comment you left on my blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Connie :)

  4. Great to hear you'll be checking back. We want everyone who loves words to come on by and maybe find a new author to read.

    *blushes* Thank you for the compliment...and it isn't one a often hear. I hope you also have a great weekend.

  5. Sounds like a great idea and I would love to be involved!
    Barbara Billig

  6. Terrific idea, Denise. You're so right: if indie authors give each other a helping hand, the journey will be so much more rewarding and enjoyable!


    1. Thanks, Marg. I've received plenty of interest in Pay It Forward.

  7. Sounds awesome Denise! I love the Pay it Forward philosophy! I just recently downloaded an iPhone app "Pay it Forward" with ideas on daily acts of kindness. I stumbled onto your blog through LinkedIn via Kaamil Garyson's profile. I am a writer and blogger trying to get a freelance career going, so I will definitely be checking back here periodically. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Scorpio! I'm glad you like the idea. Good Luck!

  8. I like it, once my book is out of editing I will send it your way

  9. I love the pay it forward Idea. I will look over the list adn see what I can help with :D

  10. Fantastic idea Denise. I will post it out for people to see. Thank you so much