Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Art of Making Noise

Let it consume the mind. Give it time to digest while you ingest the rest. Cold brewing beers, there’s none that compares, to the novelty of taste, brewed slowly without haste.

Make up your mind—forget the rest—sublime we bind. Artillery senses attuned to unique blends, our beer fusions, refuse to make amends. Cultured and crafted in a poetic way, we drink and salute, and never stray. A feast for the soul.

A lasting brotherhood, never misunderstood, and always makes good. Brewery Savants—by nature it taunts. Bold flavors remain yet, never the same. Keep your eyes on the prize--infatuation never dies.

The art of making noise—poised—no longer boys.

Beer and Boys Clubs,

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