Saturday, March 21, 2009


If I was a boy instead of a girl, would I become a great athlete?

If I had beauty instead of brains, would that make me feel complete?

If I take another path in life, would I find the rainbow I search for?

If I decide to marry rich, would I move closer to the seashore?

If I can’t figure out my beliefs, would that make me an atheist?

If I avoid telling you what I saw, does that mean I’m dishonest?

If I move far away from here, would I become a faint memory?

If I sold all my belongings, would I finally live carefree?

If our lives fall into place, should I believe it’s kismet?

If I ignore the love you give, would I die lonely with regret?

If I fix what has been broken, would I find true happiness?

If you don’t ignore the ‘if’s, emptiness will become your life’s canvas.


  1. Nice piece! Very thought provoking and true. Sometimes when I get a thought of a what if I like to think of a good what is.

  2. Hey Veejay! So glad to see you. That's a great idea when you question your choices. I'm going to remember to do that 'if' I ask "If".

    Have a great day.