Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello Bloggers and Bloggettes!

I’m back from my fabulous vacation in Germany. I’ve missed all my blog readers and hope everyone is well. My journal came in handy to keep track of what I saw in Germany and where I ventured out of Germany. As I stated in my last blog entry, I really did eat and drink, and then I ate and drank some more, so any pounds I may have lost over the past few months came back for a visit.

I stayed in a little town called Hattingen close to the large city of Dusseldorf. There’s one thing I must say right now, Germans are the nicest people I’ve met when traveling abroad. They are hospitable, friendly and willing to help, so I definitely recommend anyone wanting to travel internationally to visit Germany.

Since I took many pictures, I’ll just give you a glimpse of the places I visited. I’m a pictureholic with a sum of around 625 photos and videos, and realize not everyone is a crazy picture clicker and video taker as I am.


Bike Ride in Hattingen

Schloss Burg

Altenberg Church

Cologne (Koln)

Cologne Cathedral


Street Performer in Dusseldorf

Antwerp Belgium




I hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos of the places I visited. My vacation was wonderful and I thank my friend and his family for my amazing experiences.


  1. Welcome Home! Beautiful photographs. I notice that churches, steeples, figure prominently in your Germany scenes. They look amazing, particularly the one in Cologne. But I guess I'm most curious about Amsterdam. I've heard much about it and wonder about your take on it?

  2. Thanks for the welcome and I’m glad you like the pictures. Yes, I find churches and cathedrals fascinating. The architecture and statues within them are just beautiful.

    My take on Amsterdam is that it’s an overcrowded, dirty city. It was my least favorite out of all the places we visited. There are an abundance of stores and restaurants in Amsterdam and I’ve never seen so many bikes in one place at one time. But take what I say with a grain of salt, I’m a germaphobe and I don’t like my personal space invaded. I went to the Ann Frank House/Museum, which was a heartbreaking experience, but outside of that I just browsed around the expensive stores and had a few beers. As for the sex and drugs that Amsterdam is well-known for, I didn’t see any of it.

  3. What a wonderful experience for you. Welcome home and I am glad you had a safe trip. Germany has always been on my list of places to see, your pictures have helped to bump that up on the list.
    You were missed and worried about, lady.

    Hugs to you

  4. Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience, Bea ;).

    You're not only a gifted writer but also great with your camera. Your pictures turned out beautifully. That little town near Dusselforf in Germany will soon be crowded by American tourists if you post any more ;)

  5. Paula, Thanks for the welcome home. I’m glad my pictures bumped Germany up on your list. You definitely won’t be disappointed. I missed you too and thank you for worrying it means you care. *hugs*

    Jakie, *blushes* Thank you for the compliments. I have many, many more pictures, but still need to sift through and label them. That little town near Dusseldorf deserves a good American tourist crowd. Great food, great culture and great people.

    Tschüss ;)

  6. Welcome back. It is lovely to see you, and I am happy that you had a truly refreshing time. I have enjoyed your pictures fully, like am sure you have enjoyed your many moments present in Germany. It is very beautiful. :) I love the many wonders of the buildings around the world, as I too find Architecture fascinating. Interestingly enough my friend is in Cologne right now, with his brother. Just so you know I love photos too! It's so fun to look through them, and recapture our experiences in those places. Sadly I've deleted my many albums of places I've been to, as I did not feel to record them on cd. They would have been an estimate of about 30,000 pictures by now am sure. I feel the moments are the ones that will continue to be treasured. The pictures are used mainly for artistic expression in various routes. Welcome back again! :)

  7. Hello Bea,

    Glad you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing the pictures and videos. I haven’t traveled outside the U.S. yet, so I enjoyed seeing current pictures of some of the sites you saw. Impressive! I’ve been too busy working and too cheap (LOL!) to go. It is good to know that the people there were friendly and helpful. Now I have more time and realize I can’t take my savings with me when I’m gone. So travel to Europe is something I’m looking forward to do.