Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Veterans!

For my Uncle John, a Navy man, and to all those who are with us and who have passed on, I salute you. You’re my heroes.

Picture from Life - Time Inc

I saw you from a distance
Sitting there in your fatigues

Hands clamped to hold your chin up
Eyes closed to shut out all the rest

It was then I began to wonder
What it felt like to be a soldier?

Coming home after a long time passed
With only a duffel bag at your feet

Do you feel alone in this world
‘cuz chaos hasn’t left your sight?

Am I oblivious to what is out there
‘cuz you kept immediate danger away?

Finally you opened your eyes to us
And my questions were answered

Part of you sits waiting for your flight
while war imprisoned the rest

Not sure whether you surrendered it
Or it took without your consent

Back on Freedom soil to continue on
Part of you that still remains strong

My hand on your shoulder you look up
Have I said, “Thank you for your sacrifice”

Words seem hollow compared to your actions
All I can offer are these simple things

You look at me and smile with a nod
For starters, it is good to help with the mend


  1. That's food for thought, and well written, too. Thank you for this poem, Bea!

    I wish everybody would care as much as you do about those who defend not only our freedom but everybody's safety all over the world.

    I wish that eventually everybody may one day live their lifes in freedom so that there is no need for soldiers anylonger because we've outgrown war as a species....

    And I wish this was more than wishful thinking...


  2. Thank you, Jakie. It's good to see you again.

    I agree. It would be wonderful if everybody had freedom, because, as you state so perfectly, we've "outgrown war."

    Thanks for your comment on the poem and subject. Don't be a stranger. ;)