Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Writer's Block

It would be nice to knock on the door of Writer’s Block, enter and party with the muse. For me, Writer’s Block not only locked me out but padlocked the door. Maybe a little coddling would have sufficed. There are a plethora of prompts and ideas on the internet and in life, yet something needs to press the trigger for me to even consider it. So far, nothings pressed my trigger… well, nothing writerly anyways. *winks*

The best prompts for me are one liners or phrases. Setting up a scene then asking me to finish it freezes my thought process. A recent example that let my muse get in touch with her emotions was a prompt from The Writer’s Block – Beating the Block section. One of the administrators posted a bunch of one liners and one turned into a poem, A Soldier’s Wish, which I submitted for possible publication.

I wish this blog post offered how to overcome Writer’s Block, or convince me I don’t have it. Instead, I posted about Writer’s Block to reach out to you for a plate of prompts. If you can’t come up with anything then leave a hello with a comment about who you’d like to see on the other side of this door. I'd like to see the Love of my Life behind this door.

Take care and have a safe and happy week.


  1. Writers block is so frustrating. As much as I want to resist writing when it happens, and find every reason not to write, I've found the best cure is to sit down and start writing. Even if I throw half the stuff out, I boss myself into that frame of mind and get those creative juices flowing. No ifs, ands, or buts ...

  2. That's good advice, Joanne. Maybe I'll try and boss myself into it. :D

  3. Hi Bea,
    I like when you invite comments. It gets me to think about creativity.
    Loosely copied one liner:
    “Faith is the birds singing in anticipation of the dawn”.
    A direct quote:
    "Don't get it right, just get it written."
    (James Thurber)
    I think what I most like to see behind the door is humor that makes me laugh so tears form. It’s like receiving a dose of happiness.

  4. Veejay!!!! I missed you!!!!

    And your comment about the door, *shakes head* the best response I could ask for. How perfect and true.

    Thanks for the words of thought.

  5. I'd like to see Mike Rowe behind that door. What? It could be dirty :P

    I don't have writers block right now, however. I did 2K yesterday. Lets see if I can keep that up :)

  6. AB, doesn’t Mike Rowe always look dirty? :D

    Good for you for not having writer’s block. Keep that pace going. YAY!