Friday, October 30, 2009

A Childhood Ghost Story

The ghouls and goblins will be out today and tomorrow, so I thought I’d share a childhood ghost story with all of you. When I was real young, my cousin’s would turn off all the lights, light a few candles and we’d sit in a circle waiting to hear their story. *lowers voice* Now turn the lights out and listen to this story about Johnny, AND whatever you do, don’t turn around.


On a cool fall day, Johnny’s mom asked him to go to the store to pick up some liver for dinner that night. He opened his hand and watched as she put dollars and coins in it then told him to put them in his pocket. Since he wasn’t responsible with money, Johnny’s mother worried whether or not he’d come home with what she asked, but he needed to learn. His eyes lit up like a Jack O’ Lanterns at night. Setting out towards town, Johnny thought about all the things he could buy with the money, candy, toys, ice cream, but knew he couldn’t.

When he came upon a candy store, he found Becky sitting outside staring into the store through the window licking her lips. Johnny had always been fond of Becky, so he took her hand and they entered the store. Without even thinking about it, he let Becky pick out anything she wanted, and so she did. Licorice. Chocolate. Butterfingers, and more. Johnny found a few things of his choosing and with that paid for his and Becky’s sweets then walked out to sit in front of the store. They devoured their candy while talking about school.

An hour passed, and Becky had to get home, so they said their good-byes and Johnny started towards the grocery store. He dug into his pocket to find it empty. All the money was gone. It paid for his and Becky’s delicious treats. He started to head home sweating with the knowledge he’ll be grounded for spending the money on sweets. As he was passing the cemetery, he noticed a grave was not filled in, so he entered the cemetery and approached the site. Down in the hole he saw a shiny casket. Johnny climbed down, opened it up and with his pocket knife, cut into the dead person to get the liver.

It was dark by the time Johnny made it home, but his mother was so happy he got the liver that she couldn’t be mad at him. The family enjoyed the dinner and soon after retired to bed.

At midnight, Johnny woke to a voice and opened his eyes to see if anyone was in his room. It was dark and empty, but again he heard a whisper, “Johnny.” He sat up pulling the covers up to his chest.

The whisper continued, Johnny, I want my liver back.

Tears began to slide down his face, and he found out soon enough that he had become mute.

Johnny, I want my liver back.

He shook his head hoping to release the voice in his head.

Johnny, I’m on the first step.

He found it hard to breathe. Was he imagining these voice?

Johnny, I’m on the second step.

He wet the bed.

Johnny, I’m on the third step.

Johnny covered his ears mouthing the words, “Go away.”

Johnny, I’m on the fourth step.

With ears still covered, mouthing “go away,” he shook his head and closed his eyes.

Johnny, I’m on the fifth step.

A whimper finally escaped his mouth.

Johnny, I’m in the hall.

He stared at is bedroom door while tears poured down his face.

Johnny, I’m by your door.

He threw the covers over his head hugging his body.

Johnny, I’m in your bedroom.

He grabbed the covers tight.

Johnny, I’m by your bed.


Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!!!


  1. Those childhood ghost stories are really the best - A living twilight zone hearing them! Happy Halloween!

  2. Hah ha, loved this, Bea. Happy Halloween. : ) x0x0

  3. Hey Joanne, yes I think those childhood stories were the scariest.

    Hey Kimmi, Happy Halloween to you too. :)