Sunday, January 24, 2010


When I was lost, you helped me find my way

without a request, or promise to obey

When I was sick, you brought me back to health

then showed me all of my life’s wealth.

When I was sad, you held my hand for joy to appear

growing more towards you with revere.

When I gave up hope, you led me to your heart

where I knew it was a new start.

When I needed help, it was you who encouraged me

to learn to thrive and feel nothing but free.

When I was successful, I knew you played a role

always helping me to become whole.

Through virtue and sin, you walked with me all the time

‘til one day I hope to have achieved the climb.

God, thank you for loyalty, you’ve been a best friend,

which I hope to see when I come upon the end.


  1. Hey Tot! I do love this poem! It's nice to see it here. I haven't put up anything like this on mine yet. Still too shy.

    Believe has a great rhythm full of hope, and has a gentle feel to it.

    Well done!

    Hinny :D (from The Block, just in case you're wondering who I am. :P)

  2. Hey Hinny, LOL! I know who you are.

    Thank you for commenting on my poem and I'm glad you like it. In time, I hope to read some of yours.

    *heads over to Hinny's place*

  3. Dear Bea,
    I really liked this piece. Quite inspirational and true. Thanks!!

  4. I appreciate it, Veejay. I enjoy getting feedback on my writing, good or bad. All suggestions help.

    Take care.