Sunday, January 17, 2010

I’m not Write on Time!

I apologize for the lack of blog posts. This week went by and I’m still looking for it. *smiles* It’s time for me to come clean, I don’t write on time, meaning it takes me longer to edit and revise my works. Let’s take for instance my 2008 NaNo (National Novel) that I have only just begun to revise. Tsk. Tsk.

You see the creation of a poem, short story or novel is one of the most thrilling things I could possibly experience, but as any writer I must tweak to perfection. GAH! What once was a thrill has now become a duty to fix my mistakes? I MAKE MISTAKES? The revision time is what I shall call “my procrastination period.” This period is when everything else sounds better than revising. A time when I’m willing to freely workout, shop, paint, or build a small house in order to avoid words that have accumulated dust.

These words gasp and spit out what I originally wrote, picking and punctuating until each line flows into the next, each paragraph gives the next meaning, and the conclusion leaves you speechless.

After this lengthy confession, I must admit my revisions are coming along. I would love to share my opening line with you, my dedicated bloggers, but if I ever plan to publish it I need it hidden from public eyes. *sighs* All I can say is it’s actually the first “first line” I’ve ever written where I sat back and said to myself, “Girl, that ain’t bad.”

Now that I’ve come clean about a slight, very slight, negative of mine, would you care to share one of yours? If not, you can always join my club, The Procrastination Club. See you around.


  1. Ummmm... so yeah, someday I'm going to start a blog!



    You are ten steps ahead of me my dear, in that you have a completed novel on your hard drive! That is quite an achievement.

    Now go get busy with your edits. :)


  2. Soon. You will start one soon.


    BTW, Having a completed novel on my hard drive isn't going to get me anywhere.

    I plan to busy up this weekend.

    Take care.

  3. Hi Bea,
    Well, here is my comment which I have procrastinated. LOL! I think we all procrastinate for that which is not a fun task that we MUST do. In my case I was an onsite auditor, which was fun as I got to meet new people and review their records, with the hope of being smart enough to point out problems and solutions. However I was required to write a report after the audit in the format of my employer’s standards. That report took me forever as I did not like the additional frivolous content that was considered necessary. I know that one of my co-workers once put a copy of a Playboy centerfold in the support documents of his report and it was never commented on by the management. Does management read the reports? D:

    Today my procrastination is painting a room. I hate doing that.

    Hey, I got to see AVITAR 3D today and I think it is a recreation of Star Wars which I liked. In the opening a hero is established who meets THE girl early on; they start to fall in love; you then see bad guys that seem to prevail with their quest for money and power; then the hero unites the oppressed good guys/girls and they beat and destroy the bad guys (no girls) and finally the victorious hero gets to marry or forever bond with THE girl.

    Also not important, but I wanted to mention that I like the TV show “Castle”. After some scenes they show a writing quill and I think of your pieces that have enlightened me to the fact that writers made this show possible.

    Bea, I appreciate and enjoy reading your posts. Please keep them up.

  4. Hi Veejay,

    I’m glad to hear that procrastination is a widespread epidemic. :D OMG! I was laughing about the Playboy centerfold in the support documents. Hmm… Maybe management does read the reports, and admired that picture?

    Oooo… I love painting. I’ll paint your room if you’ll do laundry for me today.

    WOW! Avatar 3D sounds great, now I don’t have to go see it. LOL! Sounds like a true romance story. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    I watch “Castle” too. Aw, you are too sweet, Veejay. It makes me very happy knowing my pieces enlighten you and that you even thought of me.

    Veejay, I appreciate you and will continue my posts. Thank you so much.