Sunday, August 22, 2010

To A Friend!

I am returning to the blogging world, but wanted to dedicate this post to a dear friend. Veejay is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life, and I wish I could do more for him.

My birthday was August 7, and the week before my birthday I received a package in the mail. I knew it wasn’t from a family member, or long-time friend, so it was a huge surprise to say the least. I brought it upstairs, unwrapped it and took out a framed picture of the 2005 Chicago White Sox World Series along with a little dirt from the field in a casing and silver logo. This wonderful man sent me this gift saying he remembered from my blog that I was a White Sox fan.

I cried. Not because of the gift, which was wonderful, but for the thought. To me, it means so much to have someone remember a special day, or event of mine. Gifts are always wonderful to receive, but knowing Veejay remembered my birthday and that I was a White Sox fan meant  so much more. My smile lasted for days, and I will never forget Veejay’s generous gesture and his continued caring. It matters to matter to someone.

I’m fortunate enough to know him, and proud to call him my friend. Here’s to you Veejay though I wish it was more.

To A Friend

Curled up in a subconscious recess of dreams
Lies hope, knowing there are sparkling beings
Ring out like a bell tower throughout our span
Empower generosity, it came from one man.

Pessimism may want a few chorus chords
Great friendships use time to compose concertos
Fairy dust accumulates on those of high merit
Such a rarity to find, more luck to inherit.


  1. Yay! You're back. :)

    How thoughtful of your friend Veejay to think of such a cool gift. Sometimes the blessings of friendships show up in the most unusual and unique ways.

    And happy belated birthday to you! Can you hear me singing virtual wishes to you?

    Missed your blog,
    Mud :)

  2. Aw, thanks Mud!

    I did miss my blog and my readers. You all make my days brighter.

    And you are soo right about blessings of friendships show up in the most unusual unique ways. I mean, look at our friendship. :D

    Thanks again, and I'm glad I didn't lose you as a blog reader. *snoopy dance*


  3. Dear Bea,
    Thanks so very much for this post and the lovely poem. It’s quite an honor and an all time keeper for me. I was a little delayed with a comment here, as I am almost speechless with joy and delight that my sending something for your birthday would be so well received. It was my hope and wish you’d like the surprise, but it’s a great feeling when hopes and wishes come true and are exceeded.
    It’s an honor and fortunate to know you and have you as a friend. I know someday I can say I knew her before she became famous for her writing. I so enjoy reading your blog and your works.
    Veejay :)

    PS: Hope the part of the memorabilia labeled genuine baseball field dirt from the White Sox’s 2005 World Series win is real!:D

  4. Veejay,

    No need to thank me and I’m glad you like the poem. You are humble, which is one of the many qualities about you I like. Someday, if I ever get published, I’ll make sure to make a special appearance to personally sign your book. I appreciate the vote of confidence and being one of my fans.

    P.S. If that dirt isn’t real, I wouldn’t know it so I’m pretending it's real. I’m good at that.

  5. Very sweet indeed! I promise I won't send you things that'll make you cry. It'll probably make you want to kick my arse if I ever get around to 1/2 of the ideas I've had! LOL!

    Glad you are back!