Monday, September 27, 2010

Bed Predator

A wiggler of insomniac nights
Crimson juice is its exclusive feast

Pull sheets tight we forget the mites
Dreams overcome, eats this bed beast

In battle with this secret predator bites
Freeze for tomorrow as luncheon treats


  1. Oh my! I' glad (NOT!!) I stopped by your blog today COMPLETELY GROSSED OUT AND FILLED WITH HEEBIE JEEBIES!! Eeeeeeek--this post is a bug phobe's biggest nightmare. Thanks a lot, Bea.

    Bug Phobe

    *practices mind-erasing techniques so she doesn't have disgusting image in head before bed tonight*

  2. Oops... sorry about that Bug Phobe. LOL! Heebie Jeebies! I haven't heard that phrase since I was a kid.

    *plans to check under the sheets before going to bed*

  3. I don't understand how you got Rusty to sit still for the picture.

  4. Haggis, there's a pin underneath holding him in place. :D