Friday, September 10, 2010

I’m Stranger than Fiction...By Association

Two of my writerly friends were kind enough to bless me with an award – “Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits Blog Award.” I know. *bows* Stop, you’re making me blush. *listens to the gasps* Jealousy really is unbecoming. This award is given to strange people or those strange by association.

While my laptop got a makeover, two friends sent notices that they were giving me this award. The first notice came from my good ole’ pooch Haggis. “What do you mean, I should start a blog?” Don’t let the name scare you, he’s as sweet as apple pie with razor blades sticking out. I have to give him HUGE KUDOS for his publication, Blob and the Sous-Chef and Other Stories by Steve Barber. If you like great writing, horror and dark humor, get this man’s book of short stories. Since I just found out about his publication, I will be purchasing my own copy.

The second notice came from June “Bug” Kramin, or as most of us call her, AuntyBug. June “Bug” Kramin Waiter, there’s a Bug in my Blog. You’ll definitely know if you swing on over to her blog that I received this award for her strangeness. The crappy part about this is that I received a strange award by association, not injection. I would have enjoyed the latter much better. I send another HUGE KUDOS for her publication, Dustin Time by June Kramin. Her e-book is out, but I’m waiting for the paper version. Sometimes I like destroying nature. If you want a romance to sweep you off your feet, get this woman’s book.

Now I am blessed with this award and I’m supposed to nominate seven other blogs who deserve this award. Seven times seven equals fourteen and the only strange bloggers I know gave me this award. I’ll have to limit it to five and award the “Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits Blog Award” through seven degrees of separation, or complete strangers. Give a hearty welcome to the below and stop by their blogs for some strangeness.

1) Experimental Stew – I know Stew and I can vouch that she is strange. Not as strange as auntybug, but she has her moments. Those moments are really heightened when she’s in the comedy cabaret. She’ll probably hate me for the nomination; however I’m used to it. People either love me or hate me, there’s no in between.

2) It Boggles my Mind – It’s been awhile, but I know rhymegirl too. She’s strange by association too. Hop on over to her blog and read about her take on this crazy world. She’s another one who will probably hate me for the nomination. Get in line.

3) Expressiveworld – Ana’s blog is inspiring, not strange. Because she knows some comedy cabaret characters, there’s no way she can disassociate herself from strange.

4) Wait in the Van – I just came across Kristine’s blog, so I don’t know her and haven’t read much of it. With the little bit I have read, I feel Kristine deserves this honorary award. Shoot on over to Kristine’s blog before she finds and shoots me.

5) Sleep Talkin’ Man – Here’s another blogger I never met, talked to, and only stumbled upon the blog recently. This blog is definitely on a strange subject and deserves the award. I hope she isn’t mad about the award because I’d hate my recordings to show up on her blog.

To all my bloggers, and the strange ones, I’m glad you’re back. Have a great night!


  1. Tee hee... by association mi arse. Embrace the strange, lady ;)
    (Not embrace the strange lady. That would be me :D)

    *snaps bra strap & runs*

  2. I usually like to refer to my characteristic trait as 'unique.' :D

    *pulls pony tail and hides bug shoes*

  3. Dear Bea,
    Thank you so much for the kind award. I appreciate you mentioning me, and what a unique way of linking the award. Have been away from end of August to now, so have not had opportunity in replying. Hope you are well. Love - Ana