Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Close of 2010's European Journey

It’s picture time! Before I left for the States for the holiday celebrations, we went to a little town called Monschau—nestled in a valley by the Eifel Hills. Because I have a crappy camera, I was limited on pictures because it got dark shortly after arriving, but this town is adorable. They got some snow, so it added to the charm of the Christmas market—the snow fell on lights and decorations. It instantly became one of my favorite places. It’s like a place you’d see in a romantic comedy and wonder if it’s real, or a movie set. I’m telling you, Hollywood, someone better get there and film a movie.

This picture is of Monschau Castle, which dates back to the 13th century. 

As we walked to the Christmas market, I took some pictures of the stream that ran along the walkway before getting to the center.

This picture doesn’t truly show the magic of the town, but it gives you an idea.

They had little evergreens hanging on buildings, so I had to take a picture of this one with snow resting on it.

We walked around the center where the markets were and then headed down another street. 

I took this picture of another stream that runs through town.

Here’s another picture taken from another area of town. On top of the hill you can see part of the castle. 

The next day, we went to my Love’s aunt’s house for a visit with his brother and his children. I took these pictures standing on a hill where they went sledding. It looked out onto the town.

So these pictures ended the sites of my adventures in Europe in 2010. Hope you enjoyed them.


  1. That town looks awesome! I'm a country girl but I could so live in that! Glad you're back with your honey, chickie!!

  2. Thanks, lady. Hopefully this year we'll meet up.

  3. Beautiful!

    Monschau does look like it's straight out of a movie set. I kinda like that you took the pics at night. That one of the castle up on top of the hill is my fave. Very cool!

  4. Thanks, Barb. I'm glad you like the pics.