Saturday, January 22, 2011


The Chicago Bears are the NFC Division Champions and tomorrow are set to play their 90-year rivals, Green Bay Packers, for a spot in the Super Bowl. My family has been Chicago Bears’ fans since I can remember, and my mom had the pleasure of going to Super Bowl XX: Bears vs. Patriots. The love of Da Bears starts at a very young age.
But that was many years ago and many changes. The team we have now is low key than the 85-86 Bears, and our present coach’s blood pressure doesn’t shoot through the roof during bad plays, penalties or poor calls from the refs. That’s all right though I’m still a Ditka fan. Anyways, don’t misconstrue their low key temperament as weakness. The Bears have worked their way through playing issues and are prepared to take on the cheese heads.

Yes folks, you too can be a cheese head if you’re cheering for the Green Bay Packers—a hat with a very large wedge of cheese on top. I think that explains it all when it comes to their fans. What can I say, Bears’ fans dislike Green Bay and vice versa—no love loss.

So come tomorrow, 5,000 miles away, I’ll be cheering for my beloved Bears with my Love and his brother. I think I got them interested in American football and they enjoy watching Da Bears. I’ll be making Cranberry Turkey Burgers, fresh vegetable salad and mashed sweet potatoes. After that we’ll have wine, beer and popcorn.

What are your football plans?

GO BEARS—DEFENSE—OFFENSE—SPECIAL TEAMS—CUTLER (who I just want to kiss)HESTER (Bring us more of this)


  1. So glad you'll be watching--albeit from 5,000 miles away! We'll be watching over here, too! I am not as much as a die hard fan as you are, but it's Chicago babay, and I'll always support my hometown team. (Unless of course it's the White Sox vs. Da Cubs. Then my loyalties are strictly North Side don'tcha know!)

    Daaaaaaaaa Bears!

    Barb ;-)

  2. I'm with you with supporting hometown teams...unless it's the Cubs. My loyalties are always to the south side.

    P.S. What were the Cubs thinking not taking Ryne Sandberg as a coach? Geez.


    Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a good game day.

  3. Well, as someone emailed me, there's always...I can't even finish THAT sentence, it's what the Cubs always say.

    Get well, Jay! Ignore those who are blaming you.

  4. Ha ha! "Chicago Sports Fan" has got to be synonymous with "optimistic," no? It just so happens that some of us need to more optimistic than others.

    Coming from a lineage of knee-sufferers (there are 6 in my family: four out of the six of us have had knee surgery [I'm one of them] and the two that haven't, need it)...I support Cutler's decision to exit the game because of his injury.

    When I read of your 6.7 mile walks, I'm jealous! I used to love to walk but have to be very careful not to overdo it or else my knee will ache. Nothing like a little reminder of old age setting in...

  5. Barb, I know about aching and old age. I hurt my knee playing volleyball in my late '20s. Once you injure your knee, hip, etc. you'll always have issues.

    Taking walks are so easy here, except for the hills...LOL!...and boy do they have hills. It's when I get back home that I'll struggle to walk. Not much to see after one or two walks.