Sunday, February 20, 2011

Imagination is a Beautiful Thing

I recently watched two movies written and directed by James Cameron—The Abyss and Avatar. At first I didn’t know Mr. Cameron wrote the screenplays, but I waited as the credits rolled because I had to know whose mind created such great stories. It’s James Cameron’s imagination that leaves me awed, along with his ability to bring these stories to life on the big screen. Even those I watched the movies with feel James Cameron’s abilities are endless.

We all have our favorite writers no matter what genre, because there is something about their talent, their achievements that move us. Many people favor Stephen King, John Grisham, Jodi Picoult, and I’m not disagreeing with their incredible gifts, yet it’s James Cameron that leaves my mouth hanging with admiration. He has become the key to unlocking and releasing an intense need for me to become a better writer. 

The first novel writer who stopped me in my tracks is Carlos Ruiz Zafon. He wrote The Shadow of the Wind and after reading his cravings that poured onto the pages, I knew I wanted that. To create a different voice with words that render the reader emotionally drained because my characters and story brought them on an everlasting journey. Now I know I will never reach the height and depth of both of these writers, because realistically my talent only goes so far. But that doesn’t mean I can’t make myself learn and craft my imagination to its highest potential—where readers can taste, feel, smell, see and hear my soul. 

Everyone should reach for the difficult so they have something to strive for instead of just existing. At least, that’s what I believe life is all about. Imagination doesn’t just apply to writing—it applies to life. It’s our imagination that gets us through adolescence, adulthood and retirement. And because we use our imagination to achieve the best life, it’s that which leaves us with the greatest of memories.

Happy Sunday! I wish you all a wonderful week.


  1. Bea, as I’ve commented before you’ve opened my eyes about those who have written/created what I’m viewing/reading. I now wonder “who” is that person who created my enjoyment of reading or viewing. Yes I now admire how creative they were. Thank you Bea! This is especially true with viewing the Harry Potter series of movies, TV shows “Castle”, “The Mentalist” and yes the movie “Avatar”. I’m sorry I have not seen “The Abyss” but in my opinion Avatar was good, but without the resurrected novelty of “3D” viewing it would have been a bomb at the box office. I thought the story line of Avatar was weak. The writer's creativity of aliens and humans transforming to aliens was good, but overall the total story of the movie was not very impressive to me.

  2. Aw, I'm glad I did something positive. LOL!

    I agree with you about the effects with avatar. It made it bigger than life. As for the storyline, well this is a wonderful example of what each of us enjoy--the beauty of celebrating art as its presented to us. We don't all have to love the same genres, movies, television shows, and it's great hearing someone else's take on it.

    Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I haven't seen either of the movies you mentioned, but I so get *exactly* what you're talking about. I'll know I'm in the midst of a great story when my imagination starts to soar as I'm reading (or watching) it. I'll simultaneously be loving the book (or movie), while a surge of ideas for my own writing starts swirling in my mind. It takes away nothing from the story at hand...not at all...but it elevates me to strive for higher levels of creativity. And that's a beautiful thing. :)

    "Everyone should reach for the difficult so they have something to strive for instead of just existing."


    And knock it off about your talent "only going so far." Don't sell yourself short, my friend.