Thursday, February 17, 2011

Please Read Responsibly

My writing isn’t limited to a particular genre or verse because I made it a point to branch out and experiment in several different writing projects. I’m not saying my writing is good with all, I just mean I didn’t want to limit possibilities.

This post is sexual in nature. I’ve written a few erotic poems a few years back, so I decided to post one here. It is sexual in nature, so if you are easily offended then I’d suggest you not continue reading. But if you don't mind and even enjoy erotica, please continue to read on and all comments are appreciated. I changed my blog settings to “Adult Content” for this particular post, but recently set it back since this is the only post on the page that some may feel has some questionable material.

Sex and Cheap Wine

My love floweth over
like a cheap glass of wine.
An old starlet has-been
secluded, unrefined.

No more parts to play
for an extravagant price,
only barstools with beer
looking for men to entice.

Wasn’t long ago
they sought my swollen crimson,
offering drinks and cocaine
to relieve their tension.

Foreplay wasn’t the same
the merest formality.
Lovers complained
but they lacked sexuality.

Ate ice cream and pussy
as though they’re alike
give them head anywhere,
use their cock as a spike.

Look back, not much changed
in the way I’m treated now,
except for how it ends,
I gather clothes, then take a bow.

ETA: Made some changes to post.


  1. *turns on pron muzak*

    * brown chicken brown cow brown chicken brown cow brown chicken brown cow*


    ok. joking aside,...
    well done, tot! love them.
    thank you for sharing!


  2. You're welcome, cray. Erotica isn't something I normally write, so it was interesting to see what I came up with when I did decide to attempt it through poetry.

  3. Oh mah gaw... :D Those are fantastic, Bea... Black Label Books is looking for some poems for an antho... you might want to check it out

  4. Thanks for the information, Kara, I'll look into it.

    And a special thanks for the comment. :D

  5. Well Bea, you’ve certainly proven diversity in your blog. This post brings to mind the obvious that sex, pictures of sex, thoughts of sex and reading narratives of sex are definitely a very powerful force. I believe we were all created to have sex or think about sex some of the time and this lasts as long as we live. I will not leave it to me to judge the master plan. But certainly sex or the unachieved potential of sex where it’s not supposed to be has ruined many a man. LOL!

  6. Hey Veejay, Nice to see you again. Yes, sex sells, and its power can not only ruin man but many others in its path. Thanks for stopping by with your insight.