Thursday, September 22, 2011


On Sunday or sometime during the week, I like to stop by the postsecret website and read people’s secrets. I enjoy the witty secrets sent in, and I think of those who are clearly in pain. Sometimes after reading them, I get writing ideas for poems or short stories. I've even learned a few things from these secrets. Here are a few of this week’s post secret’s that stood out for me.

“If postsecret has taught me anything, it is that heartache (of any kind) is not personal. It is human.” This is so true, and something to always keep in mind when you feel like you’re the only one who is going through heartache.

“I told people you were GAY because I couldn’t accept that you didn’t want me anymore” It’s sad someone felt that overwhelmed by not being wanted that they decided to devour someone else’s reputation.

“I’m quitting my painfully torturous job to follow my dreams. I’m terrified this move is just self-sabotage. I hope I’m very wrong.” Oh boy, can I somewhat relate to this secret. My advice to this person is that following your dreams is never self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is NOT following your dreams.

We all have secrets we’d like to share with someone, yet we’re afraid of judgment and ridicule. In a sense, fiction writers can get away with incorporating their secrets into their writings and no one would be the wiser. Within our storyline, the dimensions of our characters, we can plug in a secret we haven’t shared with anyone. Or we can make one of our secrets a storyline. Writers incorporate their emotions into their writings, so secret depression or anxiety can be revealed. I hadn’t really thought about putting an actual secret into my writing. The idea is great—therapeutic in a sense.

Secrets are usually told in some way or another—in life or death. Several people live a life of secrets. There are secrets withheld to hide the past…and there are secrets that hide the turmoil inside. Secrets are exciting and dangerous, and most of all, everyone has them.

Do you tell your secrets to anyone? How do you cope with your secrets, vodka tonics, therapy, post secrets? I tell my secrets to mein Liebster or sometimes I expose them to everyone (the emotional ones) on my blog. 

One final note: My blogging etiquette has diminished over time because I haven’t thanked my followers for their company. BIG thanks to all my followers. You make blogging worth it.


  1. Interesting post. I never heard of the postsecret site, but I can see the allure in reading it. That must be where the All American Rejects got the idea for their song & video, Dirty Little Secret.

    I like how you pointed out that secrets can be told in life OR death. I've incorporated that concept into my novel... One of my main characters finds out a secret after the family member who was keeping it from him died. It was the perfect setup to begin telling my story.

    As for my own secret-keeping, I am an open book to my very closest friends. But here's the secret I would write on a postcard (not that anyone's asking):

    My friends know more about me than my husband does! ;-)

  2. Very nice, Barb! Putting a secret into your WIP...And I was smiling that you HAD to find some music correlation. You're such a rock star.

    I would probably say I'm an open book with mein Liebster.

    I totally love that you revealed a secret you'd put on a postcard. If I was to send in a secret on a postcard, it would probably be:

    After all these years, I recognize you did the things you did because of your childhood. I recognize it…not excuse it.

  3. LOL... a rock star! Now that's something I've never been called! But I like it! And I like your secret, too.