Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breakfast in Canterbury, Lunch by the Sea and Dinner with the Queen

Since I arrived in Germany and will be here for a month, I’m sure most of my posts will be about our travels. I arrived in Amsterdam on Friday and on Saturday we took off on our extended weekend excursion. It’s Fat Tuesday in the States and this past weekend started Carnivale in Europe.

We drove 4-1/2 hours to Calais, France to take the ferry to Dover. Here are a few pictures where we waited to drive the car onto the ferry, and then of the White Cliffs of Dover.

On Sunday morning, we woke early to experience Canterbury before everyone else go there. The center of Canterbury is unique because it was built within the old castle. This is part of the castle.
Here are some pictures I took as we strolled down the quiet streets.

This sign was on one of the historic buildings. I thought it was funny.
When we were walking around by the waterway, a man told us he just saw a fox, so we stayed there until the fox came out. I think he enjoyed being on display. Mmmm….breakfast.

Here are more pictures of our walk along the waterway.

This is a picture of the original entrance into the castle. They had a picture of what it looked like with the drawbridge. Then I took a picture from the other side of the English telephone booths.
It took me a while to get it, but here’s a picture of a poetry (poet tree). There are pieces of paper with poetry written on it that hung from the tree. Clever.
And here’s where we enjoyed a tour of the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.

Before leaving Canterbury, we stopped into their grocery store to check out what they had, and I couldn’t believe I found some Scottish Haggis. For those of you who don’t know what Haggis is, it’s made out of sheep’s liver, heart and lungs, minced with onion, oatmeal and spices. As tradition has it, it normally is put in the animal’s stomach and simmered for 3 hours.

After our Canterbury fun, we stopped at a little town called Herne Bay, but moved onto another coastal town called Whitstable. I loved this place. It was so cute. Here are a few pictures of our ventures in Whitstable. 

We had lunch at the Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company and the oysters were huge and yummy. I ate them too fast to take a picture but here's what it looks like from the inside of the place.

Now it's mid-afternoon and my Love asked if I wanted to head to London. Me being the adventurer, said “sounds good.” We drove to London and walked around, listened to live music and finished there with dinner. Here are a few pictures of our time there.

By this time we were tired, so we headed back to the hotel room for a good night sleep.

Now I’m sick and hope to be better soon.

How are you celebrating Fat Tuesday?

Adventures and Experience,


  1. I love when you are in Germany! So cool! Thanks for sharing the great pics! Love them all.

  2. LOL! Gee thanks. The farther the better, right? JK. Glad you enjoyed the pics.

  3. Awesome pictures as usual. What's up with that strange metallic face next to the waterway? At first I thought it was photoshopped in. It's rather creepy, yes? Cute pic of the fox & I won't even comment on the picture of haggis. I think I'm going to be sick. Maybe you're sick from being in the vicinity of haggis? *insert green-faced, naseous emoticon here*

    I am so, so, SO envious that you get to spend time in Europe. It is a dream of mine. Hope you continue to have wonderful adventures. Like June, I love it when you're there. I miss you in Chicago but this blog might be the only trip to Germany I'll ever take. ;-)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Thanks, Barb! That metallic face is a sculpture of someone (I forgot). It was by the Marlowe Theatre and it was a bit creepy. I know, Haggis is so gross. I wouldn't even consider eating it.

    I love to share the places we go to because I want others to experience these places too. I know some people can't make it here.

    I'm feeling better already. ;)

  5. Chaucer was always one of my favorite reads during my teens. I adore the olde world as it brings much of my many fond reading experiences back. I also got to live in Europe as a young man for several years. So day I shall return and perhaps stay. ;D

  6. At first I thought that green lit fountain might have been Buckingham Fountain. But then I remembered you're somewhere far cooler than Chicago right now. You lucky mofo! Have fun and drink lots of European beer/vino for me.

  7. WilyBCool, WOW! Chaucer is difficult to read, so I'm impressed. There is a simple pleasure in Europe that is sometimes lost in the U.S.

    BFTS, Yeah, I do love London (even though I'll always be a Chicagoan). I'm having no problem enjoying the beer and vino here...and it leaves me a lot more tipsy. :)