Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And the Award Goes To...

Last week, my blogger friend, Jeri Walker-Bickett awarded me ‘The Best Blog Supporter Award’.

I’m a bit late at posting this award because I was in Spain for a holiday weekend. Anyways, I’d like to thank Jeri for this award. She’s one of my dedicated blog readers, and on top of that, she knows how to work the ‘social media’ clubs sites. Jeri is an inspiration to writing, blogging “What Do I Know?”, and a devoted follower and virtual friend. She is also my critique partner. Check out her blog—you will only be inspired.

I’ve received many blog awards, and in recent times, I have just thanked those for awarding them to me due to repeats. I’m very grateful that people think of my blog enough to want to mention it. The Best Blog Supporter Award is to thank and honor members in the blogging world, who continuously read, comment and share your blog with others. To receive this award, I have to reveal a few things about myself that most may not know, so here it goes.

1.  I don’t have children, and I’ve never wanted any.
2.  For most of my life, I was financially independent and took care of myself along with my family. Now I’m dependent and domesticated, taking care of my husband and four-legged baby, Shakespeare … and I love it.

3.  When I was sixteen, I sang with a band, Johnny and the Shakers, at a few places.  
4.  My ears were pierced when I was in 6th grade, but I don’t wear earrings.
5. When my husband and I travel, we compete at taking pictures.
6.  This summer, I’ll be shipping the remains of my material and sentimental things from the U.S. to Germany.  
7.  I’ve never been in a driving accident *knocks on wood*.
8. In my late 20’s, I got my first tattoo in Vegas, and the following year, the other two.
This summer, I’ll be getting another one.

9.  As I continue to work on my novel, I still wonder if my writing is worth reading, or if I’m making a fool of myself.
10. For 13-1/2 years, I worked in IT, troubleshooting hardware and software issues. People find it odd that I don’t have an iPhone, Kindle/Nook, and my iPod is about 10-years old. 

Now I’m supposed to pass this along to fellow bloggers who continue to support and encourage me to blog. Below is my award list. I know some people don’t like blog awards, and some people already received this award. I’m simply listing these people because I want them to know that I appreciate them. My appreciation also extends passed the blogging world to those who don’t blog, but continuously read my blog.

Brandon & Bryan – A Beer for the Shower
Peggy Eddleman – Will Write for Cookies
Pat Collingwood-Ruppe – Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom
Barb Riley – Written Not With Ink

The rules of claiming this award are simple:
1. Post a link of my blog and Best Blog Supporter award image on your website.
2. Say a few nice things about the one (me) who gave you the award.
3. Tell us things about yourself.
4. Share as you see fit.

Blogs and Appreciation,


  1. Thank you and stuffs. I think having that question in mind when you write (whether or not it is worth reading) is important. Insufferable bores who think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread really bug me. I prefer to be around people with a touch of humility (of course that just makes me look better).

    1. I agree, Jon. There's a difference in being confident and conceited. Some people don't know the difference. Like you, I want to be around people with humility. :)

  2. Writers who tend to be hard on themselves usually are the ones worth reading ;) I think your four-legged baby is gorgeous, and here's to exchanging critique drafts in the the weeks ahead!

    1. Thanks, Jeri. I am sooo looking forward to exchanging drafts.

  3. Thanks, Denise. It's easy to support your blog b/c I enjoy coming here and learning more about you.

    Do you know this weekend is Printer's Row here in Chicago? I will always treasure the day we spent there a couple of years ago, and I wish you were in town so we could do it again. (That's neither here nor there regarding your post, but you mentioned packing up the rest of your things and sending them to Germany *sniff* so I got a little nostalgic for your former Chicago days.)

    1. Aw, thanks, Barb.

      I've been thinking about the Printer's Row Lit Fest. It was my favorite Chicago Fest and I knew it was around the first weekend in June. And I was thinking about you too. That was the last Printer's Row Fest I went to. It was a great time. I wish I was there too, because I enjoyed walking amongst those books with another lover of reading and a great writer, too. We spent so much time talking that I think we skimmed over the book stands. :) *sniff* Maybe one day again.

  4. So happy for you Bea -- Congratulations! I can see why you were given this award. You're always encouraging me, reading my stories and leaving me comments. I truly appreciate your visits.

    Thank you for the honor of including me on your list. I appreciate you too!

  5. Bea - I've linked you for The Best Blog Supporter Award at http://plaintalkandordinarywisdom.com/thank-you-for-the-sunshine-award/

    Thank you for nominating me for this award too! You're the best! :-)

  6. I don't like blog awards. I don't like awards for the arts generally. Art needs no greater reward than itself. Art flourishes whether we say 'hey, we like you' or 'hey we don't think you're so important' or even when we ignore art. I suppose that's a very sententious line to take. And I know that awards help to sustain artists who often lead financially unstable lives. And people only mean well, I think. But I have my principles and not liking blog awards is based on one of them.

    Why am I talking about artists? Because I think you might just be one. That's my award to you: my simple praise.

    Toodle pip,