Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Authors of the Free World

I love blogging and LinkedIn because it allows me to meet some incredible people. One in particular is Nick LeVar—a writer and an ex-military soldier, who I thank for his service to our country, and for his writing talent. He is one of those people who writes from the heart. Through my group participation on LinkedIn, and Pay It Forward on my blog, I was able to get to know Nick. He has worked on creating a site, Authors of the Free World (AFW) for over a year and it has finally launched. The site assists authors with publishing needs while the authors focus on their creation. There are plenty of sites providing author services, and a lot of free information out there, but the most important thing is finding devoted, hardworking people—and this is the team you want on your side.

I am a member of AFW, and you will find information about me and what I offer under my Profile. Our team has experience with writing and publishing through trial and error, and years of working in the industry. When you get a chance, stop on over and subscribe so you can get all the free and discounted goodies offered. Hope to see you there.

Author Services and Writing,


  1. sounds like a worthwhile site. I'll pop over and take a peek asap.

  2. How exciting! I'll head over now to check it out and add the blog to my RSS reader. Good luck!