Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Twerking to the End!

I finally finished my ‘first draft’ of my current WIP, which I started writing in November 2012. For a first draft, I’m pretty damn proud and excited about it. I’ll be marketing it as Women’s fiction – Contemporary Women – “Chick-Lit”. I’ve done my homework on genres and sub-genres, and I feel this is the best label for it.

At the present time, I’ve only been using a working title. Hopefully I’ll fix that soon enough.

The book is about a woman's struggle to find her true self. She loses so much—including her memory. As she learns about who she is, she must come to terms with her mistakes, and rebuild her life.

Alcohol and loss are what originally brought Easton and Brand together. Once out of rehab, Easton offers Brand a place to stay for a price. With nothing left to lose but her sarcasm, Brand takes him up on his offer, which begins a whirlwind of adventure and sexual tension.

Since this novel is very different from my dark, psychological suspense thriller, Net Switch, I feel a renewed sense of accomplishment. I want to write different genres and even attempt other forms of writing. I’ll admit though, I didn’t twerk while I was typing. I waited until I was finished with the last sentence.

If you’re unfamiliar with twerking, please watch this video, but don’t imitate her.

First Drafts and Twerking,


  1. Twerk away! You've earned it ;) Congrats on finishing your draft. Now here's to a five-minute break, before revisions begin.

    1. Thanks! I only get 5-minutes?!

      I know. There's no wasting time.