Tuesday, January 28, 2014

At Your Service!

For some time now, I’ve offered creative services to writers. Some of the services I offer are for beta reading, critiquing, eBook formatting, and book trailer creation. The reason I offer these services is that writers in general have a difficult time finding beta readers and critique partners.

Now I’ve been lucky to find a great critique partner, and I’m always looking for more eyes. But sometimes looking for that swap just doesn’t work out, so you hire someone who is there for you. Someone who can provide an unbiased service, because not everyone is a good fit for your book. Sometimes the other reviewer might not appreciate your suggestions, and therefore, they don’t live up to their end of the bargain.

If you search for the definition of beta reader, critiquer, and editor, you’ll find that so many people have their own definition of what each one does. It can be frustrating when you are trying to look for a specific person to help you with your manuscript. For me, beta readers, critiquers, and editors each serve a specific purpose.

A beta reader is someone who reads your manuscript right before you plan on publishing. They read it and let you know what worked and didn’t work for them. If there were any holes in the story, and how they felt overall about the story and characters.

A critiquer is someone who reads your manuscript during the draft stage. They look for inconsistencies in the story, provide suggestions regarding character and plot, and point out grammatical issues, such as tenses. This person is critical because they are there to assist in finding flaws, and patting you on the back when something is working. They help mold your book, which is why it’s important to find someone willing to commit to your success.

An editor is someone who reads your manuscript in the last draft stages. They concentrate on grammar, such as punctuation, word usage, spelling, sentence structure, and tenses. It’s very important to have someone else, if not more than one, read through your works. We all have a tendency to fill in the blanks without actually filling them in, and overlooking word usage.

I don’t offer editing services because I’m not proficient in the The Chicago Style Manual. But if you want to know all the inconsistencies, flaws, and successes of your book, I’m at your service for beta and critiquing, amongst other services.

I’m currently working with a client regarding eBook formatting, and I have to say that it’s a delight. She asks for my opinion, which is refreshing, and I’m finding that I’m doing much more than just formatting her book. I’m working to make her book look as professional and wonderful as possible. In doing so, I’m getting to know her and building a friendship.

This is what I hope to achieve. Not only to provide creative services to other writers, but to build a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Services and Friendship,


  1. Best of luck! Of course I can back the depth and helpfulness of the critique comments you give. While I enjoy critiquing, I'm probably a bit opposite from you in that I get into the copy editing aspect like the CMOS geek that I am when it comes to clients; Who know? Maybe someday we could make a good pair that way... you doing critiques and me doing copy edits. If only there were more hours in the day to build our empire ;)

    1. Thanks, Jeri! I appreciate your kind words. I always have you in mind if someone is looking for an editor, which will be me soon. :)

  2. This is good to know, Denise. I especially liked your services on book trailers because of the one you had for yours. I don't have one that I need help with but had wondered how you did it.

    1. Thanks so much, Pat. I'm always willing to talk about all the creative things involved in publishing.Maybe we can create a hangout in Google + for that.