Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years, Everyone! To A Blessed 2010!

While time closes in on 2009 reaching for 2010, I think about this year and all that has happened in MY LIFE. I’ll admit that I was blessed in 2009 and hope to continue those blessings in 2010. My family and friends have remained healthy and safe, which is the biggest blessing of all.

I’ve continued to write and improve on my poetry while submitting to several online and print magazines. Although I’ve received many nice rejections, it was the one acceptance that boosted my writing confidence. In early 2010, I will be published in a big online magazine, so stay tuned.

I went to Germany and experienced a whole new culture. It was beautiful and being of German decent made the experience extra special.

My condominium is up for sale. I hope to complete that transaction in 2010 and purchase a house. I know the market is bad, but it’s not impossible.

I’m working towards a new career in teaching. While taking the appropriate tests and researching online certificate programs, I’m trying to add to my resume by getting published and tutoring.

Last but far from least, is the amazement of finding my soul mate. It all started at the end of last year, but it was this year when we both let the secret out. He is a wonderful, gentle man who woke me up to life, learning and love. He helped me start breathing again, and is my biggest fan. What started out as a friendship grew into something so extraordinary that most people never get to experience. There was a reason for my 41-years of single life. I was merely waiting for him to arrive. We both hope to be living together in the new year.

For my Love, A Happy New Year for us –

As you can see, I hope the things I began in 2009 are completed in 2010. I also hope that all of your wishes are granted, and those who struggled this year and prior will get the compensation they deserve in 2010.

A toast to all of you. May you remain healthy, may love warm your hearts and may your pains of yesterday be rewarded today. Have a safe and wonderful New Year!

A toast to all of our military men and women. May you stay safe, may you know we are all thinking of you and are aware of the sacrifice you and your families make, and may you safely come home to us in 2010. We’ll be waiting for you.


  1. Happy New Year to you too!!! It's great to be home! After almost 2 weeks of LA - I wanted to kiss the snowy ground. :}

  2. Dear Bea,
    The very best of luck and success in all of your ventures. I’m so happy for you that you got an acceptance from that magazine. Please let all of us know when the first article is viewable. I think this is just the start of more to come in 2010. Also finding your soul mate is so cool!
    2009 was good to me also. As for 2010, I’m starting the terrible task of quitting smoking. I started smoking when I was 13. I got withdrawal pangs just thinking about quitting. I know that you successfully quit and have stuck to it for I think, almost a year and a half so far. Yes I’ll try to control my weight. I promised my lung doctor last July that I would quit and my next visit with him is January 19th. I just can’t tell him that I didn’t quit after I said I would. So a good incentive for me. I just started Chantix, the drug that can help you quit, but could possibly make you crazy. I’m crazy already so there should be no worries. LOL!

  3. June! You missed the snow? Did you fall on your head? :D Glad you're back home safe.

    Veejay, Thanks for the well wishes. I wish you luck quitting smoking. I realize how hard that is so it is a tough resolution, but you can do it. And I'm so glad you made the decision to quit. You know you can always contact me for support. It truly helps to have support. Good Luck, Veejay!! WOOHOO!