Friday, February 12, 2010

Mysterious Attraction!

We all seem to be attracted to the mysterious and seductive, which I think is why we are attracted to vampires.  Ever since I was young, I didn’t like the blood and guts of horror, but vampires intrigued me with their mysterious ambiance, sexual tension and the want to be the object of desire. We affiliate darkness with mystery, a reason I probably find myself attracted to vampires and dark-haired men.  To me, I don’t want someone written before me, I’d like to read and research about them as time goes on.

When I was 19-years old, I saw The Lost Boys three times at the movie theatres.  I couldn’t take my eyes off Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland.  They were bad boys, and at the time, I was dating a rebellious bad boy myself.  Majority of the bad boys in this movie possess a sexual appeal, a mystery that vampires embody.   Another movie I love is Underworld about the conflicts between vampires and the licans (werewolves).

I’m not one to read about vampires, it isn’t a genre I like, but to watch them is alluring.  So it isn’t a surprise that last week I started watching the series The Vampire Diaries.  The men are dark and sexy, along with an exciting storyline.  For all of you who don’t like Damon, pfftt… I’ll take him because he is one sexy man.  I’ve been out of the loop as to what’s on television, the popular books and top movies, so this post is probably coming way too late.  But if you haven’t heard about The Vampire Diaries and you like vampires then I suggest you watch this series.

Do you read or watch vampires?  What do you think about them?  Is the popular appeal for vampires about the mystery and seductiveness?  I’d like to hear what you think. 


  1. I LOVED THE LOST BOYS. Yes, I read and watch about them. This is a great post! Blood and gore is not for everyone but there is a vampire flavor out there for every one.

  2. LOL! Love that phrase "vampire flavor." Glad to hear your "vampire flavor" is also the Lost Boys.