Saturday, February 27, 2010

Waiting for an Answer

What’s in a name when you shine right through? I see you staring at me attempting to look into my soul wondering who I am, or what I’m all about. I wonder the same about you. Lush words you leave here make me fantasize about your looks, smell and life. The only thing keeping us apart is a screen we stare at conjuring up our images. Maybe our lives are better behind a screen with images formed by pieces of our lives we’re willing to share.

But you… you always come back to me. To leave a note letting me know you’re still around, still listening to my thoughts and words reaching out to all, but mainly you. Our virtual flirting leaves us feeling special. Sometimes our reality is darker and colder than the virtual life we lead.

Even though I can’t feel your hand, I know it’s extended towards me, and if I could I’d take it in mine. I’d lead you into my life and introduce you to my characters. We’d sit and talk for hours about where we came from and how we got to this moment. Our hands would occasionally mesh for verification while examining our eyes. It’s the depth we want, to reach what no one has seen, but we both know that will never happen. Inflated pride over the years prevents such openness, yet we yearn for that kind of freedom.

I reach for your cheek stroking it softly as the lines iron out. Your smile asks me to dance; our lips rest a breath apart, waiting to perform our rendition of a tango. We look at one another knowing this isn’t the true person we created in our minds; fragments of a sentence that ends with a question mark. Should such a fragment linger to change chance when closure doesn’t exist?

My eyes close waiting for the answer. Finally I open them, you’re…


  1. Wow Bea, this is powerful stuff girl! Great work. I'm all a flutter... :D

    Is there more to come or previous to follow cause if there is I'd love to read some!

    this got my day off to a good start. Thanks!

    Happy writing

  2. Thanks a lot, Hinny.

    Actually, this came from a prompt. I just wrote for about an hour and this was the product.

    Aw, how cool is that? I'm glad it was a good start to your day.

    Write On!

  3. you've captured something here, tot.

    it's terribly romantic...

    great post!


  4. Aw, thanks cray. I enjoyed writing it.

  5. Sounds like such a vulnerable experience, in innocence and truth.

    I enjoyed reading your experience very much, and I reasonate with such words.