Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thank You, Danse Macabre!

All writers receive rejections and get discouraged, so I’m no different when the rejections start coming back.  My attempts with poetry started in 2008 to test the waters for talent and see if I could follow in my great grandfathers footsteps- Baltrus Sidiskis, a published poet.  (I was going to post one of his poems, but it’s in Lithuanian and I wouldn’t be able to capture the essence of it.)  Towards the end of last year I began submitting my poems to literary magazines. 

After plenty of rejections, Danse Macabre, found something in my poetry and published a few in their February “Kismet” issue.  For personal reasons, it’s poetic to have my debut poems in an edition meaning fate and fortune. Furthermore, a very sweet friend of mine emailed me to let me know “La fortuna di poesia” means “Luck Poetry” in Italian.  The magazine will also be publishing another one of my poems in their April issue.  I am very excited about my poetry getting out there and want to thank Danse Macabre for giving me the opportunity to be a published poet.

Also, a thanks goes out to my long distance buddy, Aunty Bug for posting about my poetry.  Much appreciated friend, but I have to add that not only did we meet in DC & Chicago, but Michigan too.  We just might conquer all the states by retirement.
Have a great Sunday everyone! 


  1. WOOHOO!!!!

    Congratulations, Bea!!!

    It was about time someone recognized the beauty of your poetry! I know the path seems to be full of stones at times, but never give up!

    Keep writing and keep submitting!


  2. *giggles* Thank you, Jakie.

    I appreciate the compliment and I will keep writing and submitting. I started tossing those stones off my path. ;)

    Take care.

  3. Tee hee...I just couldn't get Michigan and deranged Chihuey to rhyme :P

    Squee again! Here's to the first of many, girl!

  4. congrats!!

    "gentle eyes of concern"

    ...what a wonderful line.


  5. AB, What about Finnegan and Bum Chicka Bow Bow? :D

    cray, Thank you! I appreciate your comment. *big hugs*

  6. Congratulations Bea!!!! W00T! You rock lady!

  7. Aw, thanks Hinny, how sweet of you to say?