Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can you picture this... ?

Can you picture an isolated white, sandy beach adorned with sporadic long greenery sprouting out of the ground and a few large boulders for you to kick back and relax? You flick your shoes off to dig your toes into the sand then slowly lift as the granules seep between your toes. The smell of the ocean and its voice expressing a calm summer morning close your eyes for a few moments before opening.

Your warm feet sink into the cool sand walking towards the waves for a more private conversation. The heaviness of passed days no longer exists as your body gently lowers to the moist shore. Your eyes lookout onto an endless mirror while listening to the stillness around you. Shy smile inches its way on display as you reflect on how much heartache and happiness brought you to this point. A point where life as a whole leaves you content and regrets fade with every lesson learned. So you sit with your eyes closed, a smile on your face, wondering if everyone else is as happy as you at this moment.

Can you picture this in your mind? If so, that’s how I feel when I write to you. I’m comforted knowing you’re here, content that you keep coming back, and wondering what effect my words have on you.

I wrote this yesterday from a prompt.

Have a white, sandy beach day!


  1. *runs all through ToT fresh sand all willy-nilly*


    1) You made me homesick.
    2) Very nice :)

  2. I really enjoyed this. By the way, this is Janice from LinkedIn. I love the setup of your blog and especially enjoyed your "dear self" letter. I know a woman who writes monthly letters to her daughter, who right now isn't quite three, but I never thought about writing one to my self. Or future self. I love it. Great work!

  3. Aw, AB, but at least it brought back memories.

    Hello Janice! Thank you for stopping by and for leaving such kind words. Years ago I bought stationary for my friends and told them to write letters to their children on their birthdays. I don't know if they ever did though. I'm glad you like my blog and hope to see more of you.

  4. Hi Bea,

    That is lovely. Once I do this on a beach, so I can remember perfectly how it feels.

    It's lovely to know that everything is just perfect :)

  5. Hi Rizal Affif, Thank you for such a nice note.

  6. I can picture this. If I had seen this on a billboard on my way to work this morning, I would, indeed, have called it bliss.