Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memory

In memory, I think of how things use to be, how life has changed and not necessarily for the best.  I think of the laughter we shared, tears we dried and the periodic fights we had to enrich our lives in order for us to blossom.  To know love, to feel your hand in mine when letting it hang to the side wasn’t enough to deal with hardship.

In memory, your discipline and criticism didn’t go unnoticed as well as the care you gave to me.  When in doubt, your voice rang true and that smile let the wrong choices seem less disheartening.  Emotions ran rapid during certain periods in our lives, and in others, we simply coasted.  We laughed at each other's blunders yet sympathized with defeat in life.

In memory, your presence was like a coat of armor while you shared wisdom with everyone dear to you.  I heard you when you said I’ll be able to take care of myself, and you were right.  From all the memories, I now know why you said and did the things you did.  The sacrifices you made for others, and the pain you buried deep so no one else had to worry.

You all played your parts well, and I thank you for playing them out in my life.  Your voices have not faded, your laughter still is heard, and the wonderful memories held in my heart’s treasure chest.

Someday we will meet again, Ann Renee, Uncle John and Grandma, but until then your lives still plays out in memory. 


  1. This was beautiful Bea, sorry for your losses, but it's always nice to know they've left a piece in your heart.

  2. Lovely post, Bea.
    We all have that in common: sooner or later we lose people we love dearly.
    David on Twitter said loss doesn't mean absence and he's right. They live in our memories, in our hearts, in our cells.
    I like the way you talk about change. Sometimes, even more than the person, I miss the way things used to be. I really miss that. But we grow and raise to the challenge and fill the next generation with their memories of us. ♥

    Maryse aka @Wifsie

  3. Thank you, Hinny.

    Hi Maryse, Thanks for your comment. I like what David said about loss. We lose but keep their memory alive.

    Take care.

  4. Dear Bea,
    That is a very loving and meaningful memorial post you have shared. I had no idea that this bank holiday marked memorial day in the US, and I have only recently found out. I trust that your family will always be remembered.
    Thanks for igniting them back to life. :)

  5. Hi Ana, Thanks for nice comments.