Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Food for the Soul

I                                                        You. Or maybe this looks like a butt to you—it’s all about interpretation. We bought a huge bag of potatoes, so my Love could make some potato soup (Kartoffelsuppe). He was in the kitchen for a few hours grating the potatoes, cutting up carrots, onions, sausage, boiling and creating the base of the soup. There are two kinds of sausage in this soup, one is a smoked strong sausage (Mettwurste) to add to the flavor and then he put in whole sausages that we cut up when the soup was served. Mmm...he did a fabulous job making this soup that kept me full for at least a few hours.

The next pictures are of some pastries we picked up at the bakery, Löscher Bäckerei. This first pastry is a traditional German dessert called Bienenstich (Bee Sting). This is the one I picked and it was instant love. This is made with a sweet bread, cream or vanilla pudding, topped with honeyed almonds. 
My love ordered this one and it was called Mangaroca Batida De Coco. Layered chocolate cake with cherries and whip cream flavored with Batida De Coco (coconut liquor) topped with a cherry sauce. He let me have a small bite—a very, very small bite—accompanied by a ‘you ain’t getting anymore’ look. This one was fabulous too.

One day, we went to a place called Das Pfannekuchen-Haus (the pancake house) for lunch. Much of the menu consists of a pancake (unsweetened) topped with whatever toppings you order. The first picture is of my Love’s meal. It’s a pancake topped with ground beef, broccoli, spinach, cheese and Hollandaise sauce. Again, he let me have a small bite and it was fabulous. Actually better than what I ordered.

I ordered a pancake with potatoes in it and topped with onions and a sunny side up egg. This also came with bacon, but I asked for it without. It was good, but didn’t have enough flavor as the other one.

My love washed his down with a Köstritzer bier (black beer). He said the beer was okay, but he still prefers Guinness.

And finally, an ice cream I had at the ice cream parlor in Blankenstein. This place, like many ice cream places, will close up at the end of the month and return in the spring. Many of the ice cream parlors are Italian owned, so they return to Italy over the winter months and return in the spring to serve their homemade ice cream. I’ll admit that this was half-eaten already when I remembered to take a picture. I had two types of ice cream, a almond and a cookie dough ice cream topped with fresh whipped cream (unsweetened). I don’t even know if I’ve ever had homemade unsweetened whipped cream, but this was fabulous.

For now, this is all I have to serve--until next time, Bon appetit.


  1. I just gained 3 lbs reading that post! Gah! Looks awesome!

  2. *drool*


    *moves to germany*

    thanks tot!


  3. Whoa, that is some serious heavy food over there, my dear! ;-) I feel full--just from looking at the pictures. Coincidentally, I now know that the last name of one of my (German) childhood friends translates to 'pancake' in English! Now *there's* a random factoid I never would have thought about, had it not been for you. LOL

    Great & interesting post! Thanks for the slice (pun intended) of life about Germany!! with pancakes?.... hmm....