Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Salute You!

A Soldier’s Wish

“How long have I been here?”
I asked of my dirt-covered hands
that weren’t the only thing of filth.

My head is so heavy
from the fear. From worry. From pain.
Stuck in this rat hole of misery.

Trembling hands touch pocket
to ease this growing anxiousness
and to know my family’s close by.

I cry out, “Please save me!”
only the wind takes it away.
Hushed moans buried in this retched space.

Clock ticking in my head
drags on this war and good-byes.
Blood splatter with dirt coats my comrades.

Still, strangers I sit with
divulging information about precious gems
in case we’re swallowed by enemy.

In our darkest hours,
pray, we feel God’s abandonment,
or is it the country left behind?

If I had but one wish
I’d wish a wish for you my love,
you deserve joy that comes your way.

Unsure how I’ll come home,
Crippled, or in a wooden box,
your faithful words kept me company.

My wish I wish for you.
Find love if our time ends soon,
continue to breathe life into our memories.


  1. Awesome, Tater. I can find no other words.

  2. Thank you, my friend. I appreciate you commenting and I'm glad you like it.

  3. Wow, you wrote this? I'm with June...Awesome!

    The soldier's selflessness is heartbreaking. As is the line where he cries out to be saved and the wind takes it away. I actually got choked up reading this.

    With few words you've captured so much. Beautiful tribute to our troops, Bea.

  4. Thanks for your compliments, Barb. I'm glad you felt the words, and truly appreciate you stopping by and letting me know.

    Take care.