Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

What a weekend! I went to Spain to meet the love of my life’s parents for the first time. GAH! First impressions are important, so the pressure was on. Guess what? They liked me and I liked them.  Hmm…maybe the language barrier had something to do with it. Whatever the reason, they were gracious in letting us stay in their guest area, along with my love’s mother cooking awesome meals after a full day of exploring the wonders of Spain.

I thought I’d show you some of the places we went to, and the things I experienced. This is what I woke up to the first morning in Spain.
This is the guest area at my love's parents house.
And the pool that's right below the guest area.
The patio area. There are goldfish in the pond.
On our first day, his parents decided to take us to Costa Brava where we would have lunch in the mountains. We had to drive through the mountains, which was scary, but the view was beautiful overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
From there, we went to Salvador Dali’s home for a brief tour and headed over to a town called CadaquĆ©s. I loved this town, and when we return to Spain, I’d like to spend more time here.
After we enjoyed our first full day in Spain, we celebrated at a restaurant that my love’s father’s paintings are on exhibition. We had a full dinner with lots of wine.

The next day, we went to Barcelona. I’ve wanted to see Barcelona for many years after reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. The below pictures are just the icing when it comes to this old and new world. 

This is a statue of Christopher Columbus.
The Las Ramblas with some pretty awesome street performers.
Now we enter into the Gothic Quarters. This was the area I was looking forward to seeing.

Below is a short clip of people dancing the Sardana dance of the Catalans in front of the church.

This is the inside of the Church and mass started shortly after we arrived. 


Outside the church, a cellist played some beautiful music. 

We had lunch at the oldest restaurant in Barcelona and the second oldest in Spain.

From the City of Barcelona, we made our way to Park Guell where we walked through the unique grounds designed by Antoni Gaudi.

I will take it easy for now, concentrate on writing, and possibly do some English tutoring. What have you been up to?


  1. Hi Bea!
    Great pictures and narratives!! Makes me feel like I’m enjoying these travels as well. Thanks for sharing. So glad you’re enjoying your travels, the sights, the food, the wine and meeting pleasant new people.
    I got a little delayed in commenting as my computer went down and I decided to buy a new desk top. It’s taken me a while to set up and transfer stuff (big problem with the auto-complete email list: transfer instructions didn’t work for me) Yes I don’t use the address book like everybody else does. I’m such a rookie at this. But I think I got it working well especially with the new features (at least the ones I’m aware of LOL!) of Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Nice hidden side out desk top dock. Computer is really fast and quiet compared to the old one.

    Please keep the pictures and narratives coming.

    Take care,

  2. Hi Veejay!

    Thank you. I'm glad you like the pictures and narratives to go along. I tried picking the best ones.

    Oh, I know computer troubles. ;) I'm impressed and glad to hear you set it up and got it working. I think you're talking about Outlook for the auto-complete, which I don't use. I work directly from website--safer and easier. Oooo, you have Windows 7 and Office 2010. You're so ahead of me now.

    Glad to see you back and thanks for stopping by.

    Take care.

  3. OMG! Amazing, Tater!!! Thanks for all the great pics!
    *is sore jealous!!*

  4. I'm afraid this will not do. There's no discussion about food. I need to be able to read about the food. Spanish food, German food. Whatever kind of food.

    Please attend to the fix.

    Thank you.

  5. yea. like i said, kiddo. awesome. thanks for sharing.

    can i put in a request???

    would love to hear about the foods you are experiencing!


  6. AB, you are always welcome to visit. :D

    Haggis, I’m sooo sorry. Not that I haven’t eaten because that would be the hugest lie. I swears the next post will be about food. I’ll take pictures of everything we consume.

    m, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m always open to requests, and yes, like Haggis, I will make sure to fit in the many foods I eat, or not eat…

  7. Full of awesome, Bea! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm LOVING your photog journalism, Bea! It's a nice break from NaNo to come over here and read about life in another country. Keep those beautiful pics a-comin'!

    I'd be interested in food reviews too. The closest I've come to authentic German meals is at Berghoffs downtown! And it was mm-mm good!

  9. Kimmi, Thanks, I’m glad you like them.

    Barb, I’m so glad it is an enjoyment when you take your NaNo breaks. That makes me feel good.

    :D I’m working on those food reviews, but you can’t go wrong with Berghoff’s. They have really good food.