Friday, October 29, 2010

Not Write on Time

I planned to query Penguin Books UK regarding my novel, but time slipped away. On Twitter, I found out Penguin Books UK was accepting queries directly from writers until the end of October. Publishing companies don’t normally accept queries directly from writers, so it was a great opportunity to try and get my revisions done and query. Unfortunately, I haven’t finished my revisions to send a completed manuscript, so I’ll have to pass on this opportunity.

Even though I won’t make the deadline, I’m still revising my novel for future querying. But first, I must figure out how to write a query letter. I never thought I’d get this far to query my manuscript. I’ll need a tagline and a short synopsis, which I will research the proper way to create a query letter. It will be good for me to work on, because people keep asking what my book is about. Below is a quick synopsis—it isn’t the best, but it’s a start for tweaking..

“When Sydney meets Arcane in a chat room one Chicago weekend, she doesn’t expect their relationship to progress at full speed to the point of mental and physical possession. In order to escape and heal, Sydney must change her identity, but Arcane bleeds into her new life—forcing her new identity to finally fight back.”

It’s time to get ready for the weekend. Before I go, I thought I'd share a few pictures I took yesterday during our walk. 

This is the tunnel of an old railroad station.

And some cows we met along the way.
Holly—there are few places in Germany where it grows and we happen to find some along the trail.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!


  1. Bea!! Wow, you're really there! I have been semi-out-of-comission in the blogging world due to gearing up for NaNo. I saw your flat on your last post and have been meaning to comment ever since. Thanks for sharing your new world through your photos...I love seeing how everything is unfolding for you! It's quite the change from Chicago, no? ;-)

    Stunning scenery...I'm hearing 'the hills are alive with the sound of music' while I view these (lol, I know that was in Austria, but close enough). Surely the move is inspiring you in many ways!

    Hmm, your synopsis is intriguing. Isn't it so hard to sum up a book in just a few words? In preparation for NaNo, I started off with the Snowflake method (have since tweaked it to my own way of loosely outlining after that), and as per the method, the very first thing I did was work on that dang synopsis. Not sure if you're familiar with the snowflake, but the guy (Randy Ingermanson) suggests you try and get the summary down to one sentence--15 words or less. Phew, that was really hard. But I looked at a bunch of them on the NY Times Bestseller lists, and that helped me a lot.

    Hope you're enjoying yourself out there! I'm looking forward to more wonderful pictures and thoughts. :)

  2. I’m here! You’re gearing up for NaNo?! Good for you. I’m revising the novel I wrote for NaNo in 2008. And yes, this world is quite a change from the world I grew used to in Chicago.

    LOL! We do enjoy taking walks, and the scenery is great. So far though, I haven't sang the music to the Sound of Music. I’m sure the move will inspire me, but it’s been a week and still trying to settle down. We went to Spain this past weekend, so that took me away from settling in--Not that I'm complaining.

    At least you’re preparing for NaNo. I had a few character names and an idea for the story. I’m not surprised you’re going with an outline or a method. I'll have to look up the Snowflake method--never heard of it.

    I’m having a great time, thanks. Good luck with NaNo and have fun with it!

  3. great pics, tot.

    thanks for sharing!


  4. Bea! I was so happy to read all your posts and see that things are settling right in for you! I can't wait to hear of your other travels!

  5. m, glad to see you around. Thanks for commenting.

    Jacquee, Thanks so much. It was a scary step, but I feel at ease now. I have several travels ahead.