Monday, October 25, 2010

In God We Trust

Hello Everyone,

On Saturday morning, my Love went to buy a few bagels, coffee and a scale for us to weigh our luggage while I continued to finish packing. When he returned, he handed me the penny that you see in the below picture. He bought a coffee at 7Eleven and the only penny  in the drawer for change was this one. The guy working at 7Eleven asked my Love if it was all right if he gave it to him, and he said yes. 
I put the penny in my pocket to get us to Germany safely. We did arrive safe—tired, but safe. For some reason, I believe it’s a sign that my Love got this penny the morning we left the United States. This penny means something to me—a safe arrival to our Germany home—and a good life with the man who sacrificed much for me and vice versa. I will find a chain so I can wear this penny around my neck--near my heart. In a way, it’s symbolic of our love for each other, and in the "God We Trust”. My European journey begins.

I hope this finds everyone well. Take care.


  1. That is amazingly cool.

    And I'm glad to hear you've arrived safely.

    Rest up and have fun! :)

  2. Very, very cool, Bea! Take care of yourself!

  3. Barb, Thank you. I think I'm caught up with sleep, so it's time for revisions.

    Kara, thanks and take care too. I'll still be around in the virtual world.

  4. Sweet. I love little signs like that. Glad you got there safely. I'm looking forward to updates & pics!!