Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last Will and Testament

Next Saturday, I will be flying over the big pond to my new home for many months, and although I’ll miss family and friends, I’m so excited to experience this adventure. As I prepare for our new life overseas, my living room looks like my dressers threw up, and there are piles of things I plan on taking along. We keep tossing into our suitcases clothes, shampoos, deodorants, flavored coffee, books and much more. I’m guessing sooner or later it will start spitting them out at me. The preparation is overwhelming sometimes—calls to reduce bills, forward mail and write instructions for those taking care of my place.

 This also forced me to do something I should have done long ago—my Last Will and Testament. I thought if I died my mom would automatically get my monies, but my broker said it would go into probate—a costly process. So I decided to go online and create one, have it notarized and signed by witnesses. The process is interesting, because things you never thought about now become important, such as who would get your home, car, jewelry, and possessions you have from past generations and so on. I always stayed away from the idea of making a Will because I thought it would bring bad karma. Realistically, everyone should have one made to help family know what to do with your items while they are suffering over loss. Well, let’s hope my family will be suffering over my loss. Since I’m going to be traveling around Europe, I think it is important for me to have this prepared for the ‘just in case’ theory.

Do you have a Last will and Testament, and do you plan on revisiting it with changes?


  1. Good for you for getting that done and out of the way. Many people don't want do it for various reasons, one of which you listed. My husband and I made one out years ago...ick...the whole thing is just not a pleasant experience. Especially (as parents) if you are also deciding about legal guardians and all that. :(

    A side note: you mentioned packing flavored coffee in your suitcases...beware of explosions due to air pressure. I had a relative who packed coffee and had to throw his luggage away because it burst open in his bag and the smell wouldn't come out! :O

  2. It is a tough thing to do, but I'm glad I did get it out of the way. And yes, it's probably very difficult to choose, let alone to think, of someone else raising your children.

    Thank you for the side note. I'll be sure to put the flavored coffee in plastic bags in case they do burst. You're the best.