Sunday, October 3, 2010

Second Run – The Unbreakable Child

I’ve blogged before about my friend, Kim Michele Richardson’s book, The Unbreakable Child, but now it’s in its second run. This is a memoir about her abuse behind the walls of a Catholic orphanage in Kentucky. Kim wasn’t the only one who endured such abuse—there were plenty others including her sisters, all of which she has dedicated this book. Her accounts of the abuse are an agonizing journey, and sometimes left me wondering how these little soldiers of God could physically or mentally move on.

Unfortunately, some were unable to fight the demons that followed them through life. Each one of us has our limits, but Kim—the unbreakable child recovered and prospered after her abuses. It is only now when Kim decided to voice her ordeals to get the word out that none of us should tolerate abuse no matter where it occurs. Abuse happens everywhere. No one is out of reach from punishment, or exempt from taking the first step with apologies. We are human, we make mistakes, yet humans should never make some mistakes. If you click on “Search inside this book” under the cover of The Unbreakable Child, you will find Kim’s ‘Letter of Apology Request’ to the Pope and the response from the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See.

Betrayal is universal. Forgiveness takes rare character—something Kim Michele Richardson possesses. Go out to your nearest book store or order online to read about this ‘unbreakable child’.