Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Carnaval en España (Carnivale in Spain)

I had the pleasure of going to Spain for a second time to visit with my Love’s parents. They made sure our stay was comfortable and they were very hospitable. We drank wine, ate, talked (well, my love translated) and laughed. They showed me new areas we didn’t visit the last time and a local tradition. I could have stayed there longer, which they kindly opened up their home to me to stay any time.  

We arrived Friday evening. It was raining, so they stoked the fireplace where we warmed up with a few glasses of wine before dinner. They have fig, lemon and pomegranate trees, which make wonderful fresh ingredients for foods or just to eat straight from the tree. Here are a few pictures of Saturday morning around their veranda and looking out onto the fields.

Here is a night picture of their veranda.

On Saturday morning, we all headed to a place called Girona to explore. It has gone through many sieges with the first inhabitants being Iberians and current residents, Catalans. These pictures are of the market in Girona and a Gothic church.

We walked through the streets and came upon Arabian baths, so we paid a few euros to see them.

From there, we walked around a park and then headed up to the church.

Here is the church from the outside and the view from the front of the church.

We left Girona and went to another town called Banyoles, where we ate lunch. These are a few pictures of the lake.
After lunch, we went to another place called Besalu, and on the way, we stopped at a 900 year old church.
The bridge in Besalu is gorgeous but I couldn’t find what year it was built. I took many pictures of the bridge and looking down from it, so here are a few. 

On Sunday, my Love and I went to Barcelona while his parent’s attended a function they had already planned. We took the train and spent the day exploring parts of the city we didn’t get to explore the last time. Before going to Barcelona, I thought New York and Chicago were huge cities. Barcelona is gigantic.

The first place we headed to was Sagrada Familia. This church was designed by Gaudi and the size of it is overwhelming. These pictures don’t really show the magnitude of this church. Although there are many beautiful sculptures on this cathedral, I think Gaudi got a bit gaudy while releasing his creativity. You’ll see a bunch of cranes in the picture because they are still building the cathedral.
We then headed toward the seaport. Here are a few pictures I took along the way. They had the Barcelona Marathon, so I took a few pictures of the runners.
Some pictures of the seaport area and the statue of Christopher Columbus with a backdrop of Montjuïc Castle.
We finally reached Montjuïc Castle. Not only is the castle enormous, the view is spectacular.
Afterwards, we took a cable car down and walked back to the train. These are pictures of a park we passed, the art museum, a water fountain and the arena.
The weekend was beautiful--we had great weather and company. Hope you had a nice weekend too.


  1. Holy wow, Tater! I want a Germany honey with nice parents that take me to see stuff!!

  2. i'm just posting here because june told me she wanted me to post under her or something like that.

    anyway, 3rd picture,...what kind of bird is that?


    great blogpost, tot.


  3. AB, I do realize how lucky I am. Too bad this luck will be ending soon. *sighs*

    cray, it's understandable AB wanted you under her. She gets upset when I'm on top. ;)

    Pfftt. that isn't a bird, it's a pussy willow.


  4. Are you kidding me? Those first few pictures outside the veranda are gorgeous! Why, I don't blame you at all for wanting to stay longer.

    The 900 year old church in Besalu reminds me a little of the Chicago Water Tower--like a less ornate version of it.

    ALL your pictures are amazing as is your travel log & comments. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I haven't been around much. I'm just coming to the end (hopefully) of a dreaded flu that knocked me flat for several days.

  5. Hey Barb, Now that you mention it, the Besalu church does resemble the old Chicago Water Tower.

    I’m sorry to hear you’re sick. That flu hit many in my family this past winter. I hope you get well soon. Drink lots of green tea. :D

  6. Great pictures and descriptions and also your recent Italy post as well! Thanks Bea!

    I recently saw a talk show where the guest commented that Newsweek is going downhill for lack of pictures and factual stories. She said they mostly write opinions and cut back on the pictures. Sounds like they could use your help or even some other publication as well. I think you’re really good at it.

  7. Hey Veejay! Thank you for your kind words. I actually sent a picture and article into a site for possible publication. It’s an online travel site and thought I’d test it today. We’ll see. Thanks again.

  8. Viviana, Thank you and thanks for stopping by.