Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweetish Time

Hello Everyone. Over the weekend, our travels brought us to Stockholm, Sweden along with a few other quick stops. I thought I wouldn’t see snow for the rest of this winter, but Stockholm was all about it along with the cold. We had a great time, and Sweden was kind enough to share its cold with me.

On Friday, on our way to the airport, we stopped at a winery town called Ahrweiler in the Ahr valley region and by the river Ahr. Winemaking in this town dates back to the Roman times. The main red varieties are the Spätburgunder (pinot noir) and Portugieser and the white wine varieties are Riesling and Müller-Thurgau. Since I love wine, I thought I’d give you that tidbit of information.

This is a picture taken of one of the streets.

The town is unique because of its colorful painted buildings. Here is an example of the types of paintings you’ll find on the buildings.

I had to take a picture of this church, because the yellow outline of it really stands out.

When we left, I took a picture of the vineyards on the way out. Someday I’ll make it  to a town at harvest time to watch the winemaking process.

The next morning, we got out early to take in the sights of Stockholm. It’s amazing how one hour we were in Germany and the next in Sweden. It was sweetish. To me, Stockholm is like a combination of Amsterdam with the waterway bridges crossing over the Baltic Sea, and Edinburgh with its old buildings and palaces as backdrops.

These are a few pictures I took early in our journey before the rest of the city woke up. 

When I saw this statue, I thought of this guy saying, “Here I am. Come and get it”. 

This is one of the many streets in Stockholm. As you can tell, they’re narrow and loaded with stores, cafes and restaurants.

We took a ferry ride to another little island in Stockholm because we wanted to go to a few museums. Here are a few pictures of the ferry ride.

The first museum we went to was the Vasa. This museum is about the Swedish warship built from 1626 to 1628. It is the only 17th century warship preserved in its entirety. It’s beautifully crafted, but never made it out of the harbor before capsizing. It finally broke surface in 1961. I honestly did not think I’d enjoy this museum as much as I did. These pictures are of the Royal Warship Vasa. It’s so huge that I couldn’t even get the ship all of the ship in a picture.  

This picture is a replica of how the ship functioned. The rocks at the bottom were to stabilize the ship with weight, but they didn’t put enough because of all the artillery aboard and the ship was unable to steady itself on the water.

From the Vasa museum, we went to Skansen open air museum, which shows the way of life before the industrial era. It has all kinds of things from glass making to animals. Here are a few pictures.

This is a night picture I took before we headed back to the hotel.

The next day, we decided to leave Stockholm and drive along the coast of the Baltic. There was an area where we had to take an ice breaker ferry with the car, so here are a few pictures from the ferry. 

We stopped in a town called Trosa. We didn’t know anything about this town other than it was on the map right off the Baltic. Here are a few pictures.

Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the pictures.


  1. Awesome pics. Hey, that ice breaker ferry must have been so cool! I never even knew there was such a thing until I watched a movie called Eight Below with my kids. It seems counter intuitive to bust through ice with a boat! Was it a shaky ride?

    You really have a knack for setting up a great still shot! I'm glad you're blogging about your travels. It's always a pleasure to "travel" with you. :)

  2. Thank you, Barb. I never heard of an ice breaker ferry until I actually got on one. It wasn't shaky at all and it was a very short ride.

    The picture of the vineyard was taken while we were driving along with a few of the ferry shots from inside the cabin (too cold to stand out). I'm glad you've enjoyed experiencing my travels with me, and I've enjoyed sharing them with you.

  3. Amazing. You are sure getting a lifetime of traveling in. I'm glad you share so many details & pics. Thanks!

  4. June, I figure I might as well do much of the traveling now before I get too old...or too broke.