Sunday, January 15, 2012

Message in a Bottle

Who would you write it to? What would it be about? I watched the movie, Message in a Bottle, and I thought, “Who would I send a message in a bottle to?” Of course, the answer came before finishing the thought. My Mother. I would send a message to my mother telling her things I never got around to saying. It’s actually a wonderful idea, and I think it would be therapeutic for me.

Sending a message in a bottle dates back to 310 B.C., when the Ancient Greek Philosopher Theophrastus used it to show that the Atlantic Ocean’s inflow formed the Mediterranean Sea. When Christopher Columbus needed to get information to the Queen of Spain, he sent a note in a cask hoping she’d get it in case he died (messages were sent in any container that could float and remain waterproof).

This method of sending messages was used by military to inform where the enemy was located, for people to convey their love to another, and as an S.O.S. message. To this day, we all use different methods to communicate reminders or convey feelings. Some people use voice messages on phones to express themselves. It’s a way for people to use their creativity. And then you have people (like me), who write in journals, putting pieces of their happiness and pain on pages. These messages give us life even when we’re gone from this world.

If we were standing in your house, what would you send your message in? Who would you write it to? Someone you know or a stranger? Would it be about something you did, how you feel, or use it as a time capsule?

For those of you who don’t know what to send your message in, I found a Message in a Bottle website while working on this post. All you’d have to do is find a body of water to throw it in…or you could give it to the person you wrote it to and have them open it sometime in the future.

Letters and memories,


  1. I must say I thought about this one for awhile and then realised I am too much of a pragmatist to write a message in a bottle. Is that terrible???
    My fiction writing says most of what I want to say, I think...

  2. Pat, That's not terrible. It's just not something that interests you, or that you feel you need to do. As you said, most of what you want to say in in your writing. What a great thing to share with the world.

    Have a good day.

  3. I would write one, but I'd feel bad for littering in the ocean. Don't ask me why, but I've got a guilty conscience like that.

  4. Interesting background on how the message in the bottle idea got started. Hmm. I don't know if I'd write something personal to someone and toss it out there (I'd most likely keep it in my journals), but one time I sent my nephews (6 & 8 at the time), a message in a bottle through the mail. I bought it from some souvenir shop in Key West, and they loved it.

    Hey, what did you think of the movie? I saw it a long time ago, but remember liking it.

  5. BFTS, LOL! How cute and I completely understand that.

    Barb, This isn’t for everyone. I do write my personal thoughts in my journals, but for some reason, I feel sending something out into the universe is like sending a last good-bye. I don’t know, it sounds strange and probably doesn’t even make sense, yet it’s something I’m considering.

    I didn’t think the movie was very good. The chemistry between the two just didn’t jive and it felt too choppy for me.

  6. I have thought about this before. I want to write one for my husband , mom and children to have for when I am gone (my mom probably won't be around), but then I can't throw it in the ocean. I am going to check out the website.

  7. A friend did this once on Maui. She put in my number with "for a good time call". A tourist called me a week later. Talk about a joke back firing!! No, I didn't go meet him. LOL We were young!