Monday, January 9, 2012


I know my blog has resembled a leaky faucet but I am working on getting back into blogging.

Years…maturity…change…these play a big role in the wonderful world of friendship.

Such words you
speak, paint my heart—
colorful, sublime.

Our friendship stew,
never sharp like a dart,
grateful for its kind.

Variety sits at the table
to draw out humor
I waited so long for.

Several talks of a fable
always knew as rumor,
a late night but wish for more.

My friends, I hold on tight
to such memories of delight,
until we soar high into the white.

The last month has been trying, and I witnessed the preciousness of friendship. My friends were there for me—still here—and I can’t thank them enough for being them.

Today I start blogging on a regular basis, and tribute this day and onward to the wonderful friends I’d never want to say good-bye to. You are the epitome of what a friend is all about. So I thank you for our past, present and a wonderful future. I’m here for you.

Friends, compassion and giggles,


  1. Friendship is the motor that holds our lives together sometimes. ;D

  2. Cheers to friends!! Very nice post. I have to start blogging more as well. Just haven't had the time.

  3. It warms my heart to see you signing off with giggles...Welcome back to blogging! I love the picture of the mural—so colorful—but without your creative poetry for emphasis, it wouldn't pack the same punch. Friendships are so important in our lives. I'm glad you've been taken care of by those who love you, Denise. Great post & wonderful way to start off my week. I've missed you, friend. :)

  4. WilyBCool, that is so true.

    June, Cheers! Thank you. Yes, blogging is therapeutic for me and I love talking with my friends online. It’s time to make the time.

    Barb, Yes, the giggles come in spurts. I took the picture of the mural on a building in downtown Chicago last year. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and picture. I’ve missed you too, my friend. :)

  5. Such lovely, heartfelt sentiments. It is a true pleasure to be sharing experiences with such wonderful people on this outlet.

    Your comment on the giveaway post didn't include your favorite flower...