Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It’s been a week and we picked a winner for June’s book. Today I’ll be going to my sister’s work for a book signing. I’m looking forward to it since my book signing on Saturday at my aunt’s house went great. It was nice and relaxing, eating, drinking, and spending time together, along with selling books. I had no idea I’d sell so many.

At my aunt’s house, my cousins asked when I was going to write my next book. *smacks forehead* I’ve put so much time into Net Switch that I haven’t really come up with anything new for months—poetry or otherwise. I told them about the novel I wrote back in 2002-2003, which was a Romance. They were really interested in that one even though they thought I was going to write another suspense novel. The wonderful thing is that my cousins’ genre is romance, so they didn’t think they’d like my book…but they did. Then I was at a friend’s house for dinner on Sunday and she brought up my romance novel, which she read years ago as a beta reader. My writing wasn’t the best back then so I put it away. She told me she still thinks about the book and believes I should publish it.

I’ve recently moved and threw away many things—that book being one of them. I figured I might as well get rid of it since I had no intention on publishing it.

Of course, all these questions and requests made me curious, so I checked my backup hard drive to see if I still had an electronic version of the romance novel. I DO! I started reading it and realized that it’s a good story. I’ll have to rewrite it to get rid of the crap and add some meat to the story. Writing a romance is a bit different than suspense because character focus is important. Not that my suspense didn’t focus on character, but the plot and suspense was more important to keep it going until the very end.

Now I need to decide whether I should write the screenplay for Net Switch, which will be a challenge, or rewrite the romance novel for publication. I hadn’t thought about doing a screenplay until I gave my book over to my editor for a line-by-line. She immediately said she could see it going commercial, but at the time I told her I always wanted to publish a novel and that’s what I want. I can do a screenplay later.

What do I do, screenplay or rewrite? What is your current project, writing or anything else?

Excavations and crossroads,


  1. I felt you needed a little love... Come on over to my blog and check out the award I gave you! ;D

  2. What interesting choices, with a one-word answer: BOTH! Do both. I think the choice you really have is, which to do first.

    My current projects are an inspirational book, a trilogy of fiction novels, and - oh, yes - a play I'm going to be in this Spring; need to learn my lines and wrap my head around the story line, stat! :-)

  3. WilyBCool, Thank you so much for the Liebster award. I love it and appreciate it.

    Hot Coco, WOAH! You have your hands full too. I think you're right, I could work on both of them. I wish you luck with all those projects you have going on...And break a leg in the play.

  4. How great it is that you have both choices. Do you have to choose only one? My initial answer is for you to begin the rewrite for the nove because that is what you originally intended. Of course I have no idea how to write a screenplay, but it is cool that you have the option available to you. Why not do the rewrite and then the screenplay?

    Aren't you glad you kept the manuscript on your computer? Wow, that was a close one. Good luck & congratulations.

  5. Hi Melissa, I don't have to choose one, but I'm usually a person that thinks I could handle several things at one time and then I crash and burn.

    I thought about working on both, but I'm leaning more toward the rewrite. The screenplay will be tough because I don't have any idea how to do one either. LOL!

    I am sooo glad I do periodic backups of my hard drive. Thanks again.

  6. This is my third attempt to comment so if you get two other repeats (it doesn't appear they went through), my apologies.


    My goodness, I'm so out of the loop—I didn't even know all of this was going on in your life. Book signings? Selling lots of copies? Good for you, Denise! How exciting! I recommend you rewrite your romance novel first, especially if after rereading it you think it's got the bones of a good story. Then, when you finish that one, you can come back to Net Switch refreshed and ready to approach the story with screenwriting lenses on. (I have you on a tight schedule, I know. :P)

  7. I don't know if I'd categorize it as a Romance novel, but I did once write a manuscript that was a love story. Never tried to submit that thing for publication. As it turns out, I'm a terrible romantic.

  8. Tough choices!! I'm trying to resurrect a few old WIPS too. If you go that route - you'll be in good(?) company! :)

  9. Barb, Sorry you were having problems posting.

    I think there’s a lot going on in all of our lives that are “behind the scenes”. :D I believe I will concentrate on the romance novel, and IF I have some free time, or need to take a break, I’ll shift over to the screenplay.

    BFTS, I’ve read your blog and now I’m very interested in reading that Romance novel. LOL! Nice.

    June, I think we’ll both be in the same company.