Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Featured Fantasy (Epic) Author – Mark Tierno

Welcome to our next featured author, Mark Tierno. He is a lifelong fan of fantasy and sci-fi, so it’s no surprise that Mark’s written genre is fantasy. His currently published book, Maldene Volumes I & II, are available in re-release under a new indie publisher.

Mark lives in his home town of Monrovia, California and has degrees in Physics and Math. Having spent most of his adult life caring for one parent and then the other, the only thing that maintained his sanity was discovering his talent and love for writing; a talent his parents well appreciated. Maldene is the first book in a series that will redefine the word Epic.

Maldene Synopsis

Maldene is a world of fantasy and science, a world of fantastic creatures, characters that range from the crazy to the wise, and home to many astounding secrets. It is also home to the most villainous evil known:  Miro (Pronounced MY-RO). It is said that even the gods fear Miro, though they aren't saying why, and stories of this evil wizard go back many thousands of years.

The Maldene series spans several continents of this giant Earth-swallowing world, crosses to other dimensions, and later on in the series other worlds and even far distant periods in its history. But it all begins in the first book (currently published as Volume I and Volume II), in which we follow Sabu, Eldar, Sindar and their companions on a search for secrets, destiny, and discovery of what REALLY goes on in the world.  Three different continents, journey to a second world, the Sea of A Thousand Islands, Tedelnosho (The Great Whirlpool), the mysterious King who is the only one willing to stand up to Miro's forces, over a dozen main characters, several alien races (from the sea-going Thirdocians to the avian-evolved Kÿecians), and this is just the first book, as the first chapter in a story that spans several books.

How Maldene Evolved

This book evolved in Mark’s mind from the germ of an idea to adding in different elements over the years. He always wanted to do the ultimate villain, and loved fantasy and SF, of which this story combined both. Finally, while in the course of helping his mom care for his dad (Parkinson's Disease), Mark’s grandfather's old house burned down and the insurance money gave them some breathing space and allowed him some time to start writing his epic. Just the writing alone did a lot to raise the bleak atmosphere that had settled upon his house and family.

Writing is a great outlet when dealing with life’s troubles. I hope the hard times are behind Mark.

Why Indie?

His former publisher was Publish America. They did nothing to promote his own or anyone else's books, and simply tried to nickel and dime their authors. Between that and going through probate after his mom passed away, Publish America wasted approximately 5 years of his time. Mark had many people tell him how they liked his book, including one industry professional, but Publish America was not about to do anything to help out their authors. He had enough, and now went with an independent.

Links to where the book can be purchased:

Volume one (Book I) can be purchased directly from the author at, or (coming soon) at Amazon and other online book outlets.

Author web site:

I want to thank Mark for sharing his writing experiences and publishing struggles. It was great to have him as a featured author and for wanting to be part of Paying It Forward. Spread the word about Mark by sharing this link –

Turmoil and Epic,


  1. I love Mark's hair. No, really, I do. If I could have hair like that I'd have it up to the ceiling.

    Also, good for him for going Indie. I've heard nothing but terrible things about Publish America. It's basically a vanity publisher that doesn't charge you anything, and will literally accept anything you send in because they just want to nickel and dime you. Awful.

    1. No doubt you would.

      I've heard from the very beginning about Publish America. It's surprising after all these years how many people never heard the bad reviews.

    2. thank-you about the hair. Just read that part out to a friend that's always saying "get a decent haircut" :)

      Publish America's tactics hide the fact that they are no doubt sitting on a gold mine of untapped talent if only they would stop playing around and act like grownup publishers.

  2. Great interview Denise! I share Mark's enthusiasm (not!) for Publish America as years ago I too went with them and ended up feeling totally ripped off!!
    They are charlatans but I did mange to get the rights to my book back and I fully intend to re-publish one day. I wish you the very best of luck, Mark, with your book - it does sound like an enticing read...

    1. Some day, everyone will hear about Publish America and put them out of business.

      Glad to hear you got the rights back for your book. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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