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Featured Suspense Author – Steven Nedelton

I’d like to introduce you to the next featured suspense author, Steven Nedelton. It was Mark Twain who lured him into reading, but it was the challenge of his friends that started him writing.  

Steven was introduced to reading Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn by one of his aunts, otherwise known as a Twain fanatic. Initially, there was a fairly weak bond between him and anything bookish at best - partly because his Aunt was not his favorite one and, most probably, because of his loathing for anything ‘grammatical’.  It wasn’t until he was around thirteen and his friends were starting to write that it became a matter of personal pride, so he joined in. These few facts nailed ‘the old lid to his coffin’—Steven became addicted to books and writing.

He started his first serious writing with the Crossroads novel, while employed in Arizona. There was a thought-provoking article in a major newspaper about the use of psychics in international espionage and Steven saw his first green light. Nowadays, he writes novels with crime, mystery, paranormal and noir. His published titles are, Crossroads, The Raven Affair, Fear!, and Coma Sins/The Madness of Ben Bluman co-authored with Joe Parente. Three of these novels were evaluated by the Midwest Book Review, The U.S. Review of Books and Apex Reviews and were rated 'Five Stars.’. His current book, Tunnel/The Lost Diary is available now.

The Tunnel/The Lost Diary Synopsis

It all began in an abandoned coal mine tunnel at the end of World War II... Bendiks (Ben) Kalninsh, a teenage boy, spends his summer afternoons spying on soldiers who gather at the old coal mine tunnel entrance.  His persistence is finally rewarded one afternoon when he sees an officer and two soldiers carry two suitcases into the tunnel.  When the three men depart, he enters the cold and musty darkness hoping to find stolen guns the soldiers left in there. But– he is not alone in the tunnel. What happens next will change the life of his family – though not yet and not in the country of his birth.

Many years later, two older men are viciously murdered in the small community of Forks, Minnesota. The boy, now a man and an up and coming sports star, discovers his life is at risk and his father one of the murder victims. What was in those suitcases that would suddenly put so many lives at risk? And then, all of a sudden, those investigating these incidents are told to cease their activities, even threatened and blackmailed with lies. Or, they simply disappear.  Is one of Hoover's top men in the FBI involved? War, stolen gold, a secret diary, murder! Did it really happen?

The Start of Tunnel/The Lost Diary

Tunnel/The Lost Diary is a fiction novel. Steven wanted to write suspense with a lot of action and espionage. He used a friend’s recollections and the various characters were mostly composites of individuals he had met in his life or read about. He assumes the idea about starting the novel with a young boy came from Tom Sawyer. The main theme in the book evolved as he wrote the novel. 

Why Self-Publish?

It took him a while to get published with his first book, Crossroads. He got in with Publish America, and a year later, Steven was able to get the same book republished by Asylett Press, Inc. When Asylett Press went out of business, he decided to go on his own. It was then that the self-publishing became doable in e-books and in print.

When did you get the writing bug?

Steven started writing fairly early—in his high school days. It was mostly short stories. The serious desire to write a novel came much later, sometime in 2000. A lot of it had to do with his work. Being an engineer, Steven didn’t have the time to write.

Links for purchasing Tunnel/The Lost Diary: (Paperback and Kindle)

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I want to thank Steven Nedelton for taking the time to share his story with us and participating in Pay It Forward. Much luck and success with your book and writing. Please spread the word about Steven Nedelton –

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  3. Great interview Denise! It's always good to hear how other authors have fared in their bids to get published. Best of luck to you Steven!

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