Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friends from Around the World

Yesterday I was talking to a friend overseas about life, and during our discussion I realized how alike we are in this world. Even though our small corners of the earth are different, we still want and feel the same things. His gentle words about life rings true and the conversation touched me as I became aware of other cultures and knowing that we can teach each other a few things about life.

He looked at my blog and gave me his take on it, which is nice to hear from someone across the pond. I’m a newbie blogger, yet he spoke words of encouragement about defining my goal. I want my blog to be a learning experience with writings and opinions. For anyone to come by, comment on whether they agree, disagree, or need to vent. I’d like to thank my friend for his time.

He walks behind,
Unsure of self,
Or what he might find.

Stirs raw emotions,
Held inside,
For true devotions.

Seems an hour,
Until contact
Sparks, requesting power.

Awakens faces,
Holding hands
Whispered words of graces.

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