Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Star, you failed
In granting my wish,
Still solemn and frayed,
No smiles from bliss.

The dream has gone
Washed from years of tears,
As the twinkle song
Sung, to settle fears.

How, I reckon
You overlooked me,
To sprinkle ambition
On another’s tree?

I give up hope
For it to happen,
A lifetime to cope
With rags, not satin.


  1. your wish will be granted
    one day, be assured,
    the seed's already planted,
    lost hope wil be cured.

    Well, ok, it is not the greatest attempt at rhyming ever, but the ending of your poem made me feel a bit sad.....even across the big pond ;). I hope your trip to the East was as good as you hoped :)

  2. Hi Jakie,

    *waves across the pond* So good to hear from you. I'm sorry the ending of my poem made you feel sad and I do like your changes. ;) I'm waiting to head back to Chicago. My trip was fun, but I lost my voice. I don't know how that happened. See you soon. ;) *big hugs*