Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet Home, Chicago!

Nothing big happened to change the course of my life, but things are different. Where to start. Today was the planned arrival date, but I completed the 15-hour drive yesterday. As much as I love the places we saw and the things we did, I’m happy to be home. I bought a book, The Secret, while in Mystic. I had no business buying another book, although I thought this was appropriate for the travels and the moment in time. I didn’t know they made a movie about this book, and so far, I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to refocus, find balance and be content. I tried the thought process while in Mystic and received positive results.

Our trip was full of activities and relaxation. I’m in the process of putting the pictures together and I’ll post a link here. I can’t help laugh at all 400 plus pictures and videos I took. Outside of my camera’s charge dying out one day, I think I captured every experience and now it’s time to crop, and clean them up. We went to Foxwoods Casino, Gillette Castle, John Edward’s Winery, Stonington, Point Judith, and saw much more.

On our way to Mystic, John McCain announced his Vice President. At night when we were relaxing in our rooms, the media focus was on Sarah Palin. Now I’m not one to discuss and debate politics because it’s a touchy subject, except I’m finding it isn’t so touchy for some. In the past, I’ve learned that people vote for different reasons. Some stick with their party no matter how incompetent their candidate is, some women vote on whom their spouse chooses, and recently, I’ve heard some women and Evangelists voting for Palin because she is a woman Evangelist. In addition, while on vacation, a young girl stated she’ll vote for who her parents nominate. Are you kidding me?

Last year when I was in Europe, I met a guy from France living in England and he brought up the President of the United States. He said, “Everyone hates America because you all voted for George W. Bush.” I couldn’t disagree with him, since George W. Bush is our President, but I also didn’t add that I was disheartened by the reasons people vote. As a woman, I don’t like knowing that a woman will vote for McCain just because Palin is a woman. That’s not using your voice seriously; it’s on the same level as voting for the next American Idol.

This election year is fueled by anger regarding war, economy, gas prices, and assaults against color and gender. With all the media bombarding us about the candidates, I understand how voting can be confusing and frustrating. All I can hope for is that everyone votes with their hearts and beliefs, not what skin color or gender they prefer.

Last but not least, are you ready for some football? Sunday, Da Bears won against Indianapolis, a bittersweet win after Super Bowl XLI. Here’s hoping they keep up their stamina.

I enjoyed my vacation; thank God I made it home safe; hope the Bears have a great season and look forward to voting for our next President. Take care.

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